Merchant Link Launches Next Generation Payment Gateway for Restaurant Sector

  • Merchant Link
  • 12.14.10
Merchant Link today announced the launch of its next generation Merchant Link Payment GatewayTM, offering merchants more flexibility in processing and managing electronic transactions.

This next generation solution now offers anywhere, anytime cloud-based batch management and advanced tokenization and point-to-point encryption, and is easier for merchants and software providers to implement.  Merchant Link’s Payment Gateway is a secure, high-speed payment network that connects a merchant’s point-of-sale terminal and payment processors.

An ideal solution for the restaurant sector, the gateway also includes TransactionVaultTM, Merchant Link’s tokenization technology that replaces each card number with tokens.  The solution is highly flexible and interfaces with multiple point-of-sale (POS) systems and processors.

“We are committed to extending and evolving our solutions to meet the changing payment and security needs of the restaurant sector,” said Dan Lane, Chief Technology Officer, Merchant Link.  “As such, we have enhanced our gateway to offer cloud-based batch management for greater flexibility, as well as made implementation easier.  In fact, the solution can now be implemented in as little as two weeks from start to finish.”

Key new features of the next generation Merchant Link Payment Gateway solution include:

•Cloud-based Batch Management:  Merchant Link customers can now control the batch management process centrally and from any location with a secure Internet connection.  This new feature will also help facilitate integrations with Merchant Link’s growing list of point-of-sale partners. 

•Advanced Tokenization and Point-to-point Encryption:  The updated gateway now uses card-based tokens that extend beyond traditional, transaction-based tokens and protects cardholder data.   This allows merchants to track participation in loyalty programs and other marketing analytics.  All cardholder data is still removed from the merchant’s IT environment – dramatically reducing the risk of a data breach.

•Easier Implementation:  The updated gateway is easier for merchants and POS software providers to implement because it offers a simpler message format, as well as handles settlement batches in a cloud-based environment.  For example, a Merchant Link technology partner recently integrated with TransactionVault in just two weeks – as opposed to a longer implementation cycle that can take up to two months.

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