Time Hotels to Further Increase Ebusiness with Better Channel Management

  • eRevMax
  • 02.20.12
Time Hotels, a group of small, independent hotels in France, has increased its productivity from third party resellers through the effective use of RateTiger’s channel management tools.

During 2010 the hotel chain installed RateTiger’s channel manager into 25 Time Hotel properties with a strategy to connect to more online sales channels directly in order to better control of sales, pricing and production. In 2011, Timhotel has experienced a successful year achieving better revenues and occupancies than budgeted.

With the majority of the portfolio located in Paris, a tough hotel market, Timhotel now hopes to further increase revenue from online sales. Since last year TimHotel has been selling rooms across an average of 30 websites. With the implementation of RTChannelManager PRO each property has been able to refine its online sales partnerships, focus on important business and increase booking productivity.

“The main challenge today is exposure on the web and trying to control the cost of e-business,” said Mickael Darthiail, Key Account Sales Manager for e-business and Corporate Contracts, Time Hotels. “RateTiger will allow us to identify the best producing websites, while also improve the relationship with channels that have a lower commission.

“In addition, updating 30 channels is a time-consuming process if you access them through each extranet. With RateTiger we can update all channels in one go. This allows us to make sure we have the right rates published and we can manage our inventory allotment to bring as many reservations from as many websites as we can, while optimizing how and who we work with.”

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