Genares™ Sees Significant Increase in Reservations Via Mobile Booking Tool

  • Genares Worldwide Reservations Services
  • 02.21.12
Genares™ mobile bookings among customer hotels increased an astounding 1600 percent from 2010 to 2011, with an increase in mobile bookings among nearly all of the hotel properties using their mobile booking services.

Released in Q4 2010, Genares started with a small group of properties using the mobile solution.  By the end of 2011, there were over 100 properties using the mobile booking tool.  Nearly all of the properties using their mobile solutions in 2010 saw increased usage in 2011, some by as much as 669 percent.

“Genares’ solutions are all about increasing revenue for hotels and offering additional booking channels at the lowest cost of sale. The mobile booking engine technology is another way for hotels to do that,” said Debra Taube, senior vice president of business development for Genares.  “This rapid increase in adoption shows that Genares offers the right tool at the right time to manage mobile reservations effectively.”

The mobile booking engine is simple to implement and can work in conjunction with the Genares web booking engine or can be used as a standalone booking channel. Implementation normally takes about 48 hours so that properties can start receiving reservations.  The mobile booking engine has the added benefit of being a very low cost of sale channel.

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