INNCOM Blends Interactive, Eco-Friendly In-Room Controls with Stylish Design at Grand Hyatt DFW

  • Honeywell
  • 03.30.12
When the Grand Hyatt DFW completed its  recent $13 million renovation, INNCOM played an integral role in the property's focus on energy conservation.

To better blend in-room technology with the hotel's sophisticated  welcome scene upon entering the room, INNCOM designed a new, sleek bedside controller for the Grand Hyatt DFW that enables guests to control lighting, temperature, drapes, sheers, privacy, make-up room and other service requests at guests' fingertips. The company also installed INNCOM's MODEVA™ series backlit glass switches, and added the INNCOM drape controller that gives guests the ability to remotely open and close heavy-duty blackout drapes and sheers.

“The Grand Hyatt DFW has once again raised the bar on guest comfort, convenience and technology thanks in part to the new, energy-efficient and interactive guestroom control products developed by INNCOM," said General Manager Lance Marrin. “Our recent renovation exemplifies how design integrity does not have to be compromised at the expense of energy efficiency and guest convenience.

"We commend INNCOM on its flexibility," Marrin said. "The company was quick to redesign its existing touchscreen graphics-based bedside control unit to better fit our design requirements. The new TBL-70 controller features back-lit touchscreen buttons and a small bedside table footprint, blending in perfectly with our guestroom decor. In addition, INNCOM mirrored the look of the new bedside controller to its glass wall switches. The streamlined design of our rooms is as 'grand' as it is easy to use and energy efficient."

The INNCOM TBL-70 tabletop controller designed for the Grand Hyatt DFW is a member of INNCOM's Integrated Room Automation System (IRAS). It is a multi-purpose device, configurable with 1 to 9 touch-capacitance sensors or dimmer bars, and is designed for convenient bedside guest control of lighting, temperature, drapes and sheers, privacy, make-up room and other guest service requests such as tray pick-up, shoe shine or butler call. The eco-friendly glass touch surface is available in standard designs or as a blank canvas for the designer wishing to customize a look with colors, fonts, images and functionality. The TBL-70 comes equipped with an on-board photo sensor which detects the light level in the room and automatically adjusts the intensity of the backlighting. It also has a light sensor, which will increase the back light level when the room darkens.

To complement the TBL-70, INNCOM used its MODEVA™ series guest-interface system wall switches in conjunction with the hotel's existing thermostats to control temperature, lighting, drapes, and guest annunciation. The unique look and innovative touch capacitance control surface provide an unrivaled guestroom experience. MODEVA’s backlit touch sensors provide elegant soft lighting in a dark room and are easy to read while improving safety for guests and staff. The MODEVA system "senses" when a guest is done with the control unit and turns off after guest use to eliminate unnecessary light panels when the guest chooses to be in a darkened room.

"The Grand Hyatt DFW is designed to enhance the guest experience with every touch and at every turn," said INNCOM Senior VP, Marketing and Sales John Tavares. "As the hotel continues to set new standards for luxury business and international travellers, INNCOM is honored to be a part of its on-going technology-enhancement efforts to provide every guest with a signature Grand Hyatt experience.”

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