NEC Display Solutions and Hospitality Partners Help Hyatt Regency Chicago Develop State-of-the-Art Digital Signage System

  • NEC Corporation of America
  • 03.28.07
NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., an international large-screen commercial LCD display supplier, announced the success of a digital signage deployment project with Hospitality Partners and Omnivex software, to provide a dynamic signage and way-finding solution for Hyatt Regency Chicago.

The installation included 40-inch NEC MultiSync LCD4010 and 32-inch NEC MultiSync LCD3210 displays to cover the public areas and 228,000-sq. ft. of meeting space at the Hyatt.

Each day, thousands of guests visit Hyatt Regency Chicago for conferences, events and meetings. Due to the high-traffic volume, traditional means of directional information such as easels and printed signs, were not providing timely updates as information changed, and they also caused clutter. The Hyatt chose Hospitality Partners to integrate a full digital-signage, way-finding solution to better meet the needs of hotel visitors.

“Not only are the NEC LCD displays and digital signage software functional and beneficial to hotel guests, but they also provide an elegantly pleasing addition to the hotel décor,” said Martin Kwitschau, CEO of Hospitality Partners. “The display’s sleek frame and the screen quality enable an extremely high-color scheme, which allows images on the display to match each location within the hotel. The displays look great and serve a useful purpose.”

The combination of NEC LCD displays and Omnivex software eliminates or decreases the need for guests to read printed signs or consult hotel management for directions to their meeting rooms. The solution also can display real-time traffic, forecasted weather or up-to-the-minute flight status. The Omnivex software customizes all the content based on time of day, location and client requests, and, utilizing RFID technology, it even has the capability to direct individual meeting attendees to the proper meeting room.

“Our goals for implementing this system have been fully achieved,” said Patrick Donelly, general manager of Hyatt Regency Chicago. “In addition to providing a valuable service, we wanted to impress our guests and clients with the technological capabilities of the system, providing them streamlined information, captivating motion graphics and demonstrating how the hotel is technologically ahead of our competition.”

“NEC’s large-screen LCDs are specifically designed for unique and demanding applications such as the Hyatt’s,” said Hans Baumann, senior product manager for NEC Display Solutions. “Our commercial-grade panels bring together best-in-class computing monitor technology with cutting-edge video display technology to deliver an unsurpassed viewing experience no matter the content, input or environment.”

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