Fairfield Inn Syosset NY Achieving Increases in Guest Satisfaction and Energy Savings with INNCOM

  • Honeywell
  • 04.12.12
If you ever questioned whether or not installing an energy-management system really makes a difference to the bottom line and guest satisfaction, consider these results from the Fairfield Inn in Syosset, NY.  The 82-room, three-story Marriott brand was consistently getting complaint calls about temperature control levels in the guestrooms. Guests were unhappy about the uncomfortable temperature in the rooms when they checked in, and the property owner was tired of the financial drain. Looking for a long-term fix, the Fairfield Inn Syossett reached out to INNCOM for help. The result is a significant increase in guest satisfaction and amazingly a concurrent average 36% reduction in energy consumption.

With extensive experience in networking guestroom equipment spanning more than a quarter of a century, INNCOM is considered to be a pioneer in wireless environment installations. Since INNCOM installed its centrally controlled energy-management system using the Deep Mesh Network in April 2011, the Fairfield Inn Syosset began seeing immediate results. The INNcontrol™ 3 system installed at the Fairfield Inn Syosset uses Deep Mesh Network technology which provides for a lower cost of installation vs. traditional wired systems, while offering the same great reliability INNCOM has always offered. The Fairfield Inn Syosset is also scheduled to receive a $13,000 incentive from Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) for installing the INNCOM INNcontrol™ 3 system with the Deep Mesh Network.

"Before INNCOM, we really had few energy controls in place," said Lori Hamilton, General Manager at the Fairfield Inn Syosset. "Twelve of our rooms were controlled by thermostats and dampers and the rest operated with PTAC units. In an attempt to save energy, we would instruct housekeeping to turn off the PTACs when they were refreshing rooms and when rooms were unoccupied. Only when it was an extremely hot or cold day would we allow the units to run while rooms were being turned. What we didn't understand was that each time the units were turned off and then back on, they used far more energy than if we would have run the fans continually at low settings. We needed help, and INNCOM came highly recommended."

Due to positive experiences in the past with INNCOM, Bethesda, Md.-based Urgo Hotels, the management company for the Fairfield Inn Syosset, recommended the use of INNCOM. After an extensive investigation of energy-management companies on the market, only INNCOM had the capabilities to retrofit all the guestrooms including the 12 rooms at the property operating with thermostats and dampers.

"The difference today over where we were a year ago, is unbelievable," Hamilton said. "We have far less complaints about room temperature. Thanks to INNCOM and its INNcontrol™ 3 system, rooms consistently stay at a comfortable level. The INNCOM system makes it possible for room climate to float between preset temperatures when rooms are unoccupied or unrented. For me, keeping guests happy and comfortable is just as important as reaping energy savings for the owner. Both have great returns -- guests return because they have an enjoyable and comfortable stay, and the owner is seeing significant financial returns from the reduction in utility bills."

In addition to temperature controls, INNcontrol™ 3 provides Fairfield Inn staff with real-time monitoring of HVAC and temperature satisfaction and creates alarms for any units that are not operating properly. The system even monitors guestroom network connections and reports non-communicating rooms. It is a constantly vigilant resource always keeping an eye on critical comfort systems.

"Because we had an incredibly mild winter, comparing energy use in winter of 2011 to 2012 is difficult," Hamilton said. "However, we are pleased to say that occupancy is way up. Normally, this is a cost riser, as more people use more energy. However, thanks to INNCOM, we are still using far less energy and therefore are able to maintain lower operating costs. INNCOM strikes the perfect balance for both us and our guests."

INNCOM's INNcontrol™ 3 system communicates with in-room intelligent devices, such as the e528 Smart Digital Thermostat, the room occupancy sensor and door switch. The system reports which in-room devices have low battery levels; which rooms have constant occupancy; which rooms have problems with network connectivity; and which are not communicating properly with the hotel PMS and other systems. It tracks and reports equipment run-time which helps in a property's preventive maintenance processes as well as tracking the energy savings being achieved. Additionally, INNcontrol™ 3  can also communicate with other hotel server-based systems, such as the property-management system, building-automation systems, central electronic-locking systems and work order systems.

"We are quite pleased that the Fairfield Inn Syosset is seeing immediate and widespread results with INNCOM," said John Tavares, INNCOM senior VP marketing and sales. "We are confident that the centrally controlled energy-management system will significantly help the Fairfield Inn Syosset continue to provide a comfortable stay for their guests and increase operational efficiency. This will further enhance the guest experience and quickly drive savings to the bottom line."

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