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Shift4 Now Supports Google Wallet

  • Shift4 Corporation
  • 04.30.12
Shift4 Corporation, one of the world's largest independent payment gateways, is pleased to announce that it now supports Google Wallet on four newly integrated Ingenico PIN pads.

The Shift4 interfaces for these four new devices – the Ingenico iSC250, iSC350, iPP320, and iPP350 – also support swipe-ahead functionality, meaning customers can swipe their cards (or touch their phones) and then enter their PIN (or signature) before the merchant finishes ringing up the order. Once the order is completed, customers simply approve the amount, get their receipt, and are on their way. In busy retail environments, the short time saved by this option quickly adds up.

"We've spent most of the last two decades innovating faster, easier, and more secure ways to process payment transactions," said Shift4 CEO Dave Oder. "Adding these new functionalities certainly helps us further that mission."

Google Wallet allows consumers with smart phones that support Near Field Communication (NFC) to tap their phone on the payment PIN pad in order to initiate a transaction. Card information is then transmitted from the phone to the device and the checkout process proceeds as usual.

"NFC may well be the future of the payment industry, and we're happy to make it available to all of our merchant clients," Oder said.

The new NFC functionality integrates seamlessly with Shift4's existing DOLLARS ON THE NET® features including TrueTokenization® and 4Go®. It is now available to Shift4 merchants running the most recent version of Shift4's Universal Transaction Gateway®. Currently, the aforementioned devices are supported with no modification required to the Point-of-Sale (POS) system.

The ability to add these features with almost no modification required by merchants is further proof of the flexibility of Shift4's gateway and its ability to adapt to new technologies in such a way that merchants are not left bearing the burden of purchasing new solutions in order to gain access to the latest technologies.

Existing Shift4 customers interested in implementing Google Wallet should contact support@shift4.com, or call 702.597.2480 and select option 2. Those not yet working with Shift4 can obtain more information by sending a request to info@shift4.com.

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