BirchStreet Announces Powerful New Spend Intelligence Toolset

  • BirchStreet Systems, Inc.
  • 05.02.12
BirchStreet Systems, Inc., a leading procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions provider to enterprises around the world, announced the launch of Spend Intelligence Toolset, the company's newest product to complement its P2P platform. The Toolset is designed to provide regional or global enterprises with instant insight into their organizational spend, thereby helping these companies find opportunities to save.

Combining new analytical software with a new data mapping and analytics service, the solution provides spend intelligence on a global, national or regional scale with drilldown capability to the brand, property, department, item or category level -- across manufacturers and distributors. The toolset includes a series of interactive drilldown dashboards, graphs and several new reporting options, allowing users to drill down to specific items and quickly zero in on significant patterns of off-contract spend.

The toolset's spend intelligence capabilities give customers the ability to extract more savings out of their existing supplier contracts, perform vendor and item consolidations, or find opportunities for new supplier agreements. The toolset also provides important data to assist with aggressive vendor negotiations, helping users to accurately calibrate volume commitments, as well as monitor property and vendor compliance.

"Even a small organization can quickly produce millions of records of line item spend data," said Doug Sanborn, president of BirchStreet Systems. "Teasing actionable information from this data can be a time consuming and resource intensive process. Our Spend Intelligence Toolset uses industry-wide manufacturer, distributor and item information to quickly analyze millions of records of spend data by categorizing a few hundred master records. This data leverage allows users to slice and dice data easily, thereby dramatically simplifying and speeding up the process of finding actionable information and ultimately save."

While optimized to use spend data from BirchStreet's e-Procurement system, the Toolset can also analyze spend data from other sources, including supplier consumption reports and third-party systems.

"Whether you have a few locations in a single region or thousands of locations spread across the globe, the power of BirchStreet's P2P platform is its ability to see, analyze and understand spend from all locations in one system," said Bill Hirsch, vice president of sales for BirchStreet. "The Spend Intelligence Toolset is the first of four new products scheduled for release in 2012 that are designed to leverage BirchStreet's global footprint -- with the other three being Contract Management, Rebate Management and Program Publisher."

To read more about the Spend Intelligence Toolset on the BirchStreet blog, click here. To request a demo, click here. For more information about BirchStreet's procure-to-pay solutions, please visit

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