Trust International, Hoteliers See Q1 Growth Momentum Continue in Q2 2012

  • Trust International
  • 06.06.12
Trust International and its hotel group clients are seeing a healthy economic growth in most regions of the world and Trust saw its own revenues increase 5% in the first quarter of 2012 compared to the first quarter 2011. 

Analyzing the results and tools that have been driving this increase was one of the focus areas of the Trust Customer Conference in Mallorca (Spain) at the end of April with more than 70 client hotel groups and partners.

“We saw a 9% higher average daily rate (ADR) across hotel bookings through Trust’s centralized reservation system (CRS), which is a strong signal of economic health for the hotel industry,” said Richard Wiegmann, managing director of Trust International.  “For Trust International, it has been an excellent start with a 57% increase in online travel agency bookings, a 14% increase in bookings via the Internet Booking Engine of the hotel groups (compared to the same period in the previous year) and numerous new clients, e,g,Touronline, Soluxe Hotels, Ringhotels and Constance Hotels.

“We’re very encouraged by the growth we are seeing in the hotel industry in 2012,” Wiegmann said.  “Asia Pacific and certain markets in Europe have been especially robust.  In a continuation from 2011, in Asia we are seeing more travel overall as China’s economy grows and as travel to and from Japan trends upward due to their tremendous efforts to rebuild and return to normal business after the 2011 disaster.” 

Social Business and Product Development Major Topics at Customer Conference Trust International’s annual Customer Conferences brings hotel groups and key partners together to discuss developing industry trends and explore new technologies and products being developed by Trust and its partners, with the opportunity for customer input to influence the design of Trust’s products.  The Conference serves as a sounding board for Trust to hear customer wants and needs that will guide additional product development while providing networking opportunities for customers and partners to share ideas and best practices for increasing revenue and productivity.

The 2012 Conference highlighted the rise of social business to replace social media.  Keynote speaker Hayden Sutherland, managing director of Ideal Interface, defined Social Business as “making money by the correct and relevant use of social media and saving money using timely and relevant communication.”  Sutherland touched on making money within Facebook transactions, selling distressed inventory via Twitter, influencing search engine optimization, targeting prospects, as well as using social media channels to deliver cost effective and efficient customer service. Google Travel Industry Manager Satyan Joshi instructed hoteliers on how to reach across screens – particularly mobile apps and sites - to make the web work for them.  Since 97% of customers do not purchase on the first visit, Joshi shared how hoteliers can maintain the relationship through multiple channels to influence future bookings. He encouraged hoteliers to look hard at apps and mobile-optimized sites due to the tremendous growth in hotel searches on mobile worldwide. Reinforcing the concepts shared by guest speakers, Trust International unveiled 2012 enhancements to its booking systems and  hotel reservations - Trust|GuestBooker, and  the new CRO Module Trust|CRO that integrate seamlessly for guest reviews, data analysis, profile enhancement and reporting or the latest additions to the direct connects via Trust.

While much of the conference focused on social business, Trust also pointed to its call centers as major opportunities for hoteliers to increase revenue. Trust´s own Call Centers offer the opportunity to add professional voice services, call overflow or after hour service to the reservation scenario of a hotel group with an ADR of $565 providing the highest revenue of all channels.

“The discussion of emerging trends and best practices, interaction and brainstorming between all parties has again been a great success and has led to the creation of new services and relationships that help us all improve our businesses and better serve our customers,” said Richard Wiegmann, managing director Trust International.

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