NiteVision Lights the Way

  • Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI)
  • 06.14.12
Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI),  hospitality technology solutions provider, highlights the accomplishments of hotel owner Chetan Patel, who has discovered much success through his deployment of the MSI NiteVision PMS at four properties, several being upgrades from MSI NiteClerk. 

Through the decision to align his properties with MSI NiteVision technology, Chetan proves to be increasing functionality, profitability, and definitive control. 

“It was a good thing for us to have all properties using one system,” said Chetan.  “The NiteVision solution sets things in proper order, making management easier.  We can monitor two-way reservations and all others, consolidating properties’ progress, while detailed reports help us administer each individual property. 

“NiteVision is well received and uncomplicated for our employees and far better to operate than other systems.  Understanding of the application comes naturally as they work with guests and with us at the corporate level.”

Chetan said, “As for the implementation and training, it was no trouble.  We know we have a very high-quality system with NiteVision.  MSI always responds to our support questions, and the technicians do everything they can to help us.” 

“Managing multiple properties efficiently is no walk in the park,” said Rick Munson, president and CEO at MSI.  “MSI’s hotel people accounted for this fact in designing NiteVision.  Our goal is for you to see clearly the path of least resistance—illuminated through the light of NiteVision!

“We value Chetan Patel’s loyalty to MSI and wish him and his hotel properties much success.”

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