Delta Hotels and Resorts Pilots OPERA 9 MICROS’s Next Generation Cloud Technology

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  • 06.19.12
MICROS Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:MCRS),  a leading provider of information technology solutions for the hospitality and retail industries, is pleased to announce that the prominent Canadian hotel ownership and management company, Delta Hotels and Resorts, is piloting MICROS OPERA 9 hotel management software, demonstrating a great collaboration between MICROS and the hotel group to ensure that the new product is the preeminent, cloud solution for the hotel industry.

The MICROS OPERA 9 system leverages new technologies to smoothly transition MICROS’s proven OPERA V5 to an intuitive, feature-rich user interface that provides flexibility and customization, and operates fluently across popular browsers and tablet devices, including the iPad. Through the transition, MICROS will release OPERA 9 modules that complement, and add value to the current OPERA V5 application.

MICROS OPERA 9 evolves from the OPERA V5 product, delivering a new user interface and functionality through web services. Building the application around web services lays the groundwork for tighter integration between OPERA and the hotels’ SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) environments and third-party applications that MICROS customers are using today.

MICROS OPERA 9 is offered as a MICROS cloud SaaS implementation. This provides features that complement and work with current OPERA applications that utilize the current OPERA database structure.

Delta Hotels and Resorts is currently using OPERA Reservation System (ORS) while piloting the introduction of the MICROS OPERA 9 Room Reservation Services module.
“We have been thoroughly impressed with the new MICROS OPERA 9 software and MICROS’s ability to seamlessly migrate our ORS to the MICROS Data Center without interruption to our mission-critical services,” said Tim Aubrey, vice president of innovation, Delta Hotels and Resorts. “It is exciting to be a part of the changes that MICROS has in store for OPERA 9, and for Delta Hotels and Resorts to be one of the launch users of the product.”

“It is gratifying to have our long-time partner, Delta Hotels and Resorts, pilot the new OPERA 9 solution and collaborate with us on the new features and functionalities, easy-to-use and customizable interfaces, and improved usability,” said Dan Bell, senior vice president, Hotels & Leisure and Entertainment, MICROS Systems, Inc. “With valued partners such as Delta Hotels and Resorts, the MICROS OPERA 9 team is able to ensure that the new product meets all the cutting edge requirements of the hotel industry.”

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