UniFocus’ GUESTScope Delivers Superior Corporate Level Intelligence With Innovative Dashboard

  • UniFocus
  • 06.22.12
Real-time whole portfolio performance and trending information at your fingertips is now a reality as UniFocus is pleased to introduce the latest innovation to its GUESTScope™ Survey Solution – a new corporate level dashboard.

“From a corporate perspective, I find that the new dashboard is extremely powerful and instinctive. The ability to view various matrices from a comprehensive and global standpoint provides us the opportunity to identify issues and strategically plan timely actionable initiatives,” said Stefan Huba, corporate vice president of Peninsula Gaming. “In general, this is a valuable system as we are able to understand cause and effect in practically real time.”

Users gain a wealth of knowledge with just a glance at the corporate dashboard. It shows the portfolio-wide potential revenue at risk, based on guests’ intent to return. Also presented are the key opportunities for improving that intent to return and recommend. Corporate users can view information on which hotels in the portfolio are responding to guest issues and how quickly they are doing so with the survey response system.

“This improvement to GUESTScope provides our corporate users with a clear picture of the information they need to make well informed decisions, whether  to their entire portfolio, within a group of properties or property by property, depending on what the data shows,” said Mark Heymann, president and CEO of UniFocus. “Benchmarking also plays a huge part in the value of the dashboard, as a company now knows where its properties stand in relation to others in the portfolio, and against other hotels in that segment of the market.”

GUESTScope’s corporate dashboard saves users time, providing a streamlined method to derive actionable information and analyze verbatim content by giving them the ability to search on key words and phrases and guest attributes, such as country of origin, market segment and survey outcome, to name a few. In addition, promotional and marketing efforts can be evaluated based on information gained from the ability to take demographic slices from the provided data.

“When beta testing the dashboard with current customers, it was pointed out how the system is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. We wanted to make understanding GUESTScope results as easy as possible for users by adding in touches such as color-coded variances to goal, easy downloads to excel and a simple way of taking screen shots right there on the dashboard,” said Heymann. “With this dynamic new corporate dashboard, we have been able to stay true to our goals of constantly improving our technology and listening and responding to what our customers and potential customers want from their guest survey solution.”

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