Destination Hotels & Resorts Leverages Newmarket® International Hospitality Relationship Management™ Platform to Manage Its Portfolio of Properties

  • Newmarket, an Amadeus company
  • 06.27.12
Managing over 9,300 guestrooms, 18 golf courses and 16 full-service spas across 40 independent, luxury and upscale hotels, resorts and golf clubs is a complex management operation with unique needs and service requirements.

Providing some of the highest levels of guest service available, together with seamless sales, marketing and operations business processes, Destination Hotels & Resorts has embraced the new additions of Libra OnDemandMTech and MeetingMatrix to the Newmarket International family.

“With our growing collection of 40 unique hotels and resorts, we need a pre-eminent, contemporary CRM solution that integrates with our complex business model, one that will support the vast needs of our clients, customers and guests,” said Andre Fournier, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Destination Hotels & Resorts.

By utilizing Delphi, Destination Hotels & Resorts shares leads, account and contact information. The ability to better manage events and improve communications between banquets and sales results in superior event execution. To ensure a high level of guest service, this information is fully integrated with guest and company profiles within Libra OnDemand. Destination Hotels & Resorts now has the ability to obtain a complete 360-degree view of its guests.

“Libra OnDemand provides us with a dynamic CRM solution in addition to state-of-the-art analytics, research and reporting, allowing for influential marketing execution and optimized results,” said Nancy Kern, assistant vice president of marketing for Destination Hotels & Resorts. “The ability to track preferences and stay history from one property to the other within our collection vastly enhances our marketing efforts and on property guest services.”

As a result of Newmarket International’s acquisitions, a full suite of integrated HRM solutions are employed on a daily basis to manage exceptional and memorable guest experiences. Records generated and stored in both Delphi and HotSOS can be related to one another using Libra OnDemand. This delivers higher customer satisfaction levels, increases guest loyalty and drives future revenue and sales.

Libra OnDemand's cloud-based functionality enables the creation of comprehensive guest profiles, including tracking of customer preferences, HotSOS and individual service requests as well as guest relations cases.
“We selected Libra OnDemand because it is built on the powerful platform which easily integrates with our systems across our diverse portfolio,” said Lori Losasso, vice president of business applications for Destination Hotels & Resorts. “Combined with our other applications, this provides a global view of our guests and the power of data that is at our fingertips.”
By utilizing this guest data, Destination Hotels & Resorts is personalizing guest experiences and tracking overall customer satisfaction, which ultimately increases positive reviews and loyalty.
With the preventative maintenance (PM) and workflow management solutions available in HotSOS, teams track service level of rooms and equipment, maintain asset life and create an efficient process for handling service requests.
“HotSOS gives us the capability and tools to effectively manage the workflow process from inception to completion. Real time dispatching, routing, response tracking and the ability to be pro-active to conflict resolution are essential components to successful service,” said Mike Shutts, vice president of corporate engineering for Destination Hotels & Resorts. “We have been able to avoid duplication of efforts and to measure twice and cut once.”
Since these records are also stored in Libra OnDemand, HotSOS ensures overall customer satisfaction and allows personnel to unobtrusively learn more about guest behavior.

The Newmarket International family of hospitality relationship management products are leading the way in helping Destination Hotels & Resorts manage complex groups, events, sales and catering, and identify high-value guests all while ensuring that the proper level of service is provided. As a result of these tightly integrated solutions, gaining valuable guest intelligence happens automatically, across multiple departments, with little to no manual intervention.

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