EasyRMS Launches Latest Innovation Ez-LITE™, Making Revenue Management Easier Than Ever

  • Infor, Revenue Management
  • 06.25.12
Easy (Ez) Revenue Management Solutions Ltd (EasyRMS),  a leading provider of SaaS revenue & yield management solutions to the global hotel industry is proud to announce the official launch of Ez-LITE™, the latest innovation designed specially for limited service Hotel chains and aimed to make revenue management easier than ever.

Ez-LITE™ provides an efficient Revenue Management solution for hotel groups, while focusing on the essential aspects of those properties' operations:
  • One Main Reservation Channel
  • One Room Category
  • Room Revenue Only
  • Mainly Transient Business Mix

Ez-LITE™ is a powerful integrated solution which does not require any revenue management expertise at the property level. Ez-LITE™ maximizes the revenue potential of each property individually whilst offering a centralized management and control interface. There is minimal implementation cost and combined with a seamless and rapid deployment process it makes Ez-LITE™ one of the most accomplished and cost efficient group revenue management solutions available today.

Stan van Roij, Managing Director EasyRMS said, “This is a groundbreaking innovation from EasyRMS and a major step for the hospitality market as we officially launch Ez-LITE™, the world’s first truly “LITE” application. Designed specifically to make Revenue Management easier for limited service hotels, this latest product has already successfully Beta tested in one of our long-term client portfolios, we are now in the process of a full rollout with the 2nd major chain to take Ez-LITE™ as their solution of choice. We are finally able to bring our leading SaaS Revenue Management solutions to all levels of the hospitality industry, I am confident that Ez-LITE™ will add major value to this specific hotel segment.”

Key feature and benefits include:

  • Innovative Cluster Revenue Management System
  • Centralised Management and Control of All Properties
  • Simplified Functionalities - Focusing on Essential Points
  • Minimal Implementation Cost
  • No Complex Configuration
  • Rapid Deployment Process
  • Fully Automated Solution
  • Minimal User Input
  • Easy and Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Fast and practical reporting capabilities

For further information, please contact: EzLITE@EasyRMS.com

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