Bartech To Introduce Eco-Friendly Automatic Minibar Technology At HITEC

  • Bartech Systems International, Inc.
  • 06.25.12
Bartech, a leader in automatic minibar solutions for the global hospitality industry, will debut its new Green Automatic Minibar at HITEC 2012.

The hotel industry’s leading technology trade show, June 26 to 28 at the Baltimore Convention Center, HITEC represents the public unveiling of the most environmentally friendly automatic minibar on the market.
Bartech is showcasing its Green Automatic Minibar, along with the rest of its comprehensive line of customizable automatic minibar solutions, at HITEC Booth #1426. In addition, Bartech’s C32 minibar has been selected for exhibition in the prestigious GUESTROOM 20X, a biennial futuristic guestroom model put together by international hospitality trade organization, Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP).
Bartech's new Green Automatic Minibar (G32 model) offers substantial energy and cost savings in addition to superior profitability. It uses advanced compressor technology that consumes 70% less energy than typical absorption minibars. Thanks to a new and improved insulation known as cyclopentane, that is thicker and more environmentally friendly, the G32 minibar stays cool longer. Once its target temperature is reached, a space-age eutectic plate mounted in the rear of the unit provides over 12 hours of cooling without consuming additional electricity.
Bartech’s green technology extends to a remote digital component as well. A standard feature on Bartech automatic minibars is the Computerized Energy Saving System, which monitors cooling production according to whether a guestroom is designated as vacant, occupied or out of order. This feature generates a savings up to 30% depending on occupancy and hotel's preference for the level of cooling.
“With the addition of the Green Automatic Minibar to our product line, Bartech continues to push the guestroom amenity technology space forward,” said Bartech CEO Mario Agrario. “The Bartech name has always been synonymous with profitability and guest satisfaction, and now we can add green to that list.”

Guests will obviously appreciate the Green Automatic Minibar’s environmentally friendly credentials, but they will be just as pleased with the product’s remarkable quietness. At just 24 decibels, the G32 is virtually silent.
Bartech is the only automatic minibar vendor to offer fully customizable design options. As with all of Bartech’s models, the Green Automatic Minibar can be built to blend with guestroom décor and can be customized with choice of wooden or glass door with the hotel’s logo.
Bartech is also the only minibar provider to incorporate three different types of sensor technologies into their advanced product design, including infrared, magnetic and micro-switch. This allows Bartech minibars to use the most effective and reliable technology for each type of product dispensed, maximizing reliability and efficiency of the minibar operation and minimizing guest disputes.
Bartech offers the most choices of data communication methods between the minibars and servers. This allows each hotel to adopt the most cost-effective and efficient technology solution to seamlessly integrate minibars with the hotel’s property management system. The five options include the ZigBee platform, Wi-Fi, coax cable, twisted pair and Ethernet communication.
By converting to automatic minibars, hotels are often able to reduce the number of minibar attendants on staff by 75 percent, reassigning them to other guest service tasks and trimming the total number of work hours required. In addition to the payroll cost savings, hotels deploying automatic minibars routinely increase revenue from minibar sales, while maximizing guest satisfaction.
For more information about the Green Automatic Minibar and Bartech’s comprehensive range of automatic minibar solutions, please visit Booth #1426 at HITEC, contact Bruno Agrario at +1 702-778-3489, email or visit

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