MSI Delivers Change for Best Western InnSuites

  • Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI)
  • 07.13.12
Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI), hospitality technology solutions provider, announced the successful conversion of eight InnSuites Hotels’ properties to the MSI WinPM solution.

Pamela Barnhill, president of InnSuites Hospitality Trust, tells the stroy: “What makes a company alter from the norm?” Pamela said.  “To what does one aspire?  Greater efficiency?  Top-line revenue?  For us, the WinPM solution came at an opportune moment in the history of our InnSuites and independent hotel properties.  Collectively we saw a dire need for restructuring and were ‘ready and willing’ to make a change for the better—to MSI. 

“Having communicated our past struggles in a difficult and inconsistent PMS environment,” Pamela said. “MSI initially took great care to see that we deployed the new WinPM system in the best possible scenario.  They provided a centralized training class and hosted each hotel’s management team at their headquarters in Phoenix. Managers jointly gained hands-on experience and had their questions answered immediately.  Positive collaboration was had by us all. It also provided an insight into the type of people employed at MSI: seasoned hospitality experts who understand our unique needs—who always strive to go the extra mile to gratify the customer!

“Moreover, the conversion of our eight properties is currently moving forward without trepidation.  It hasn’t all been perfect. With any change there will be necessary adjustments.  However, each concern has been handled by MSI’s implementation team and support services with the utmost professionalism, optimism, and kindness.”

Pamela said, “Change is not for the slight of heart.  But the dynamic transformation we see taking place with MSI’s WinPM has been, and continues to be, our best decision. This decision ensures our future success with hotel automation.  Instead of eight entities, we will now beat as one, and our heart will be stronger for it.”

MSI President and CEO Rick Munson said, “It only took a single drop of water in the sand to create an ocean.  At MSI, we know customers like Pamela Barnhill and her properties will find years of smooth sailing through the currents of change in the hospitality world.  One thing remains the same amid change:  We at MSI are here for the duration.”

“Congratulations to Pamela and her eight teams!  Welcome aboard!”

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