IQrez Mobile Application

  • IQware, Inc.
  • 07.30.12
IQware continues to take online booking to the next level with what might be its most accessible state of the art booking engine yet — the IQrez Mobile application, now featuring more functionality.

By taking the best of what IQrez has to offer and boiling it down to an easy-to-use mobile optimized version for popular devices like smart phones and tablets, the IQrez Mobile booking engine becomes a portable booking agent — and much more.

Guests no longer need be tethered to computers to connect with hotels, resorts, condo-hotels, timeshares and vacation rentals. They can book rooms, check rates, learn about special promotions and even find their way to a property’s location “on the fly” — from anywhere they can connect to the Internet using their mobile devices.

In a global marketplace fueled by convenience and portability, IQrez Mobile keeps your hospitality business ahead of the curve by supplying you and your customers with functionality that’s as user-friendly as it is customizable. IQrez Mobile applications represent more ways that IQware can provide its partners with the best visibility across multiple online channels.

“IQrez Mobile provides an ideal consumer experience, helping hospitality better find, book, host, know and keep clients — anywhere, anytime," said Francois Greffard, IQware’s VP of operations.

What can IQrez Mobile do for Your Customers?

  • Mobile Device Auto-detection — When a customer accesses the IQrez booking engine from a mobile device, IQrez Mobile automatically detects it and redirects them to the mobile version of the engine. They don’t have to learn how to find IQrez — it finds them.
  • Secure Online Booking — In addition to browsing available accommodations and services in real-time, IQrez Mobile allows customers to securely book stays in real-time.
  • Location-based Services — With its “Distance to Property” option, IQrez Mobile can provide customers with an interactive map showing the location of a property and a link to view directions. Based on each customer’s physical location, this option will even display the distance (miles) to the property.
  • Save & Print Feature — Potential customers can save itineraries for later reference as well as email them to friends and family.

What can IQrez Mobile do for YOU?

  • Style Sheets for Customizable Design — Employing a CSS layout, the IQrez Mobile search allows hospitality properties’/companies’ Web developers the capability to customize the look and feel of the booking engine to suit their needs. Owners/Operators can customize:
     — Header/footer files;
     — Background color/images;
     — Borders, tables and dividers;
     — Font color, size and style; and
     — Buttons and form fields.
  • Site Integration Including Custom Domains — The IQrez Mobile booking engine can be branded to match the look and feel of virtually any website. Customers won’t be confused by mismatched interfaces when booking because the booking engine will look like a natural extension of each property’s/company’s branded site.
  • Built-In Promotion Pages with Custom Grouping — Communicating revenue-boosting promotions to customers is easier than ever when they can access information on IQrez Mobile’s customizable, built-in promotions page.
  • Full Property Management System (PMS) Integration — IQrez Mobile provides real-time access to inventory, rates, restrictions and much more — empowering hospitality property owners and operators to optimize revenue and margins.
  • Google Analytics & Omniture Integration — Omniture integration provides hospitality properties and companies with data related to which online marketing sources are best converting reservations for them. Hospitality professionals can better understand their online sales cycles, most popular specials and conversion statistics with IQrez Mobile’s easily accessible data.
  • Complete Facebook Compatibility — With IQrez Mobile, IQware empowers hoteliers with the best visibility across multiple channels on the Web, including social media. IQrez Mobile works seamlessly with the IQrez Facebook application so hoteliers can allow guests to view and book stays directly from hospitality properties’/companies’ Facebook accounts.

“IQrez Mobile dramatically increases  the speed and ease-of-use of making reservations by doing just about everything IQrez does — from any Internet-enabled mobile device,” said David Perkins, IQware president & CEO.

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