RDL Guest Room Audio Enhancement Provides Guests an Exceptional Experience They Will Remember

  • RDL
  • 07.27.12
RDL announced a pre-engineered family of modular products that adds convenience to guest room audio entertainment.

This modular system adds luxury resort features to each room or suite at an economical price. It is simple to install and provides guests with practical features they can easily operate and will want the next time they travel.

This system allows a guest to watch and listen to the TV while their partner sleeps. It also allows a guest to listen to TV audio in the bathroom, even if the sound is muted on the room TV.

A small sending unit receives fixed-level audio from the guest room TV. Using standard CAT5 cable, it sends audio and power to one or both listening locations:

  • Headphone amplifier by the side of the bed
  • Wall-mounted Decora®-style amplifier in the bathroom

The headphone amplifier is compact, durable and easily maintained by hotel staff. It mounts to a headboard, night stand or to the wall. The guest plugs in any headphone (typically ear-buds used with personal electronic devices) to the mini-jack and adjusts the volume on the amplifier. The guest can mute the speakers on the TV while watching and listening to the TV without disturbing a partner who is sleeping. A second headphone amplifier can be mounted on the other side of the bed.

The bathroom amplifier is contained within the single Decora plate assembly. It has a single-turn volume control so the listening level can be adjusted in the bathroom, regardless of the audio level set on the TV in the guest room. The volume control is electronic so it cannot ever become ‘scratchy’. Whenever the volume is turned down, the amplifier shuts down, using almost no power (‘green’ mode).

A system can be installed with the headphone amplifier(s), with the bathroom amplifier, or with both. All units are powered from the sending unit at the TV, which accepts mono amplified or stereo pre-amplified audio from the TV. The installer programs the TV for compatible features when the system is installed.

Guests will appreciate and remember the advantage of using headphones to watch the TV or movies while their partner can sleep. It will be natural for them to listen to their favorite morning program in the bathroom while preparing for the day. The RDL system builds customer loyalty and appreciation from a small
initial investment.

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