Mandarin Oriental, Miami Security Scores 98.8% in Independent Security Audit

  • InvoTech Systems, Inc.
  • 08.28.12
When the luxury Mandarin Oriental, Miami upgraded to the SAMS™ Security System from InvoTech Systems, Inc. it created a near-perfect security environment – literally. The property recently scored 98.8 points out of 100 on an independent ‘Safe and Sound’ security audit. “SAMS™ made this possible,” said Nelson Ballester, Mandarin Oriental, Miami director of safety and security.

Modular System Adapts to Evolving Security Needs; Automated Recordkeeping Adds Precision

SAMS™ is a modular software system that properties can adapt to their specific security and budgetary needs to automate a variety of security department functions that include:

  • Control keys, radios, and equipment
  • Manage patrols and assure all check points are properly scanned
  • Process visitors, print badges, and daily log review
  • Control and automatically log all security officer dispatches
  • Document and properly record all incidents on property
  • Process lost and found items and accurately track and return found items
  • Control employee lockers and locks

Mandarin Oriental, Miami Expands from One SAMS™ Module to Five

Mandarin Oriental Miami started off with the SAMS™ system’s key tracking solution. “SAMS™ tracks all of our master keys to ensure they are used only by authorized employees.  Tighter security comes from our knowledge of exactly which keys are checked out every hour of every day,” said Ballester. “Before SAMS™ we had a manual system that was less precise and required staff administration.  An added benefit is the new system is ‘green’ and virtually paperless to save money and resources.”

After becoming head of security, Ballester implemented SAMS™ Patrol Manager, Security Logs, Incident Reports, and Lost and Found modules. The InvoTech software now supports more precise and effective security processes for the Mandarin Oriental Miami via a comprehensive, multi-faceted system.

Automatic Scanning of Contractor IDs Tightens Property Access

“We have many contractors and visitors entering and leaving the property.  In the past, tracking them all was difficult,” Ballester said.  “The SAMS™ software changed all this.  The system has the ability to scan each contractor’s driver’s license to capture the ID information and photo and create a record of when the person entered and left the hotel’s property.  This is an extremely valuable security service that increases our knowledge of hotel access.”

‘Security is vital to guest safety. It requires an integrated system like SAMS™’
“InvoTech’s system makes our property significantly safer and our security operation more effective and efficient,” said Ballester. “I can be in my office and monitor lost and found, verify which contractors are on property, review our daily log, and assure that security patrols are being performed. The independent safety auditor that assessed our security procedures thought so highly of SAMS™ that he mentions it to other hotel operators. Security is an extremely important discipline. It requires an integrated system like SAMS™ that automates multiple processes and frees our team to work more closely with guests and management to create the safest environment possible.”

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