Multi-Systems' NovaPlus Two-Way Interface Certified for Deployment by Best Western International

  • Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI)
  • 04.13.07
Multi-Systems Inc. (MSI), a technology leader supplying integrated property management and marketing systems to the lodging industry, has successfully completed its Beta testing of the NovaPlus Two-Way interface.

The interface has been installed at four Best Western (BW) sites: BW Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas in Sedona, Ariz., BW Coronado Motor Hotel, Yuma, Ariz., BW Executive Inn in Seattle, Wash. and BW Campus Inn Motor Lodge in Beaver Dam, Wisc.

The NovaPlus Two-Way interface to the Best Western central reservation system (CRS) provides a robust yet intuitive interface for its more than 400 users. NovaPlus allows for versatile rate strategies and room allocation updates, all from a single screen. Included is a dashboard alerting users to the system's health as well as tools for managing the interface. Gold Crown Club® and travel agent information are valued components of this integration. The NovaPlus interface is not limited to current MSI clients; it is available to all BW properties. In addition to the four beta sites, more than 65 properties have already committed to the conversion.
MSI's President Tim Tiller called the completed certification process with Best Western a mutual success. "Our Best Western NovaPlus properties were an integral part of this team effort and we sincerely thank them for their participation in the Beta process. We are 100 percent committed to the NovaPlus application and the customer base," Tiller said. "It is our goal to grow the NovaPlus product and enhance our customers' ability to profitably manage their properties. We are pleased to apply MSI's industry-leading technology and service paradigms to NovaPlus."
Denise Heinrichs, director of property systems for Best Western International, said, "Because of my long association with the NovaPlus product and the many friends I've made along the way the completion of the Two-Way interface has been very important to me. I am pleased that MSI stayed true to a very aggressive design, which gives the NovaPlus member's huge advantages in creating rate and yield strategies that were designed to coordinate with Member Web. During the Beta process it was apparent that the interface is easy to use and to support. The NovaPlus users have been very loyal to the product and really deserve to reap the benefits from this integration. "
MSI CEO Rick Munson said two-way communication is key to any successful partnership. "Aggressively synching development of the Best Western Two-Way CRS interface with the needs and input of our NovaPlus users was a critical step in our success. This was a true collaboration between MSI, Best Western and our NovaPlus customers."
NovaPlus' unique design relationship with Best Western is a huge advantage for this product, offering features that no other PMS can. One of these is the Rate Allocation "Quick Update" functionality, a completely interactive piece that allows the user a calendar view of current status and the ability to change the allocations, restrictions and rate tiers from the same screen. NovaPlus also offers Rate Tiers, used to define rate levels that can be applied to multiple rate codes, making rate updates easy. Patterned rates, such as having different rates for each day of the week are supported. The quick update is an easy way to apply the changes for an entire season.
Lonnie Lillie, CHA, CHSP, is general manager of the Best Western Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas in Sedona, Ariz., the first Beta property for the NovaPlus Two-Way. Lillie said, "Our install, for being the first 'live' property to receive it, went very well, I want to say thank you to MSI for continuing with the development and distribution of the NovaPlus Two-Way. I realize you could have bought the program to obtain a list of names to sell your other products. I thank you for not pursuing this avenue and sticking with NovaPlus. As a property manager having no need to train employees on an entirely new system, the cost savings in the program itself is a huge plus--not to mention the cost savings for the hotel."
"I wish to take this time to thank you for the easy transition to the new Two-Way Interface for NovaPlus. It is obvious that MSI did a very good job at listening to the property owners. You have seemed to address all of our issues. As days go by, you have solved any concerns that I have had. This is truly a system built for Best Western properties. I am looking forward to any new enhancements that may come in the near future. I have enjoyed being a test property. This has been the easiest upgrade we have ever had," said Yvonne Peach, general manager of BW Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Ariz.
Timothy Cordodor, CHS, is the assistant general manager of the Best Western Executive Inn in Seattle, Wash., the third Beta property. Cordodor said, "I was thrilled to experience that the installers and the process did not let down all the hype that we have been anticipating for this install. The trainer was as knowledgeable as he was personable. He worked through major and minor issues without loosing my confidence. In my mind I had visualized the "go live" date as a property wide Y2K bug and just like the latter, there was nothing to worry about. The upgrade to the Two-Way was extremely user friendly for the property revenue management team. Now following the simple processes of rates and allocations lets us rest easy."

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