SAI and Control Green Partner to Streamline Productivity and Maintenance Management

  • Systems Associates, Inc.
  • 09.19.12
System Associates Inc. has teamed with Control Green to monitor guestroom equipment and dispatch staff long before issues become a guest complaint.

The joint technology is equipping hotel engineers with much needed business-intelligence to enhance the overall guest experience and provide for tighter energy monitoring and financial control.

Control Green is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides Web-based monitoring and reporting on energy consumption and equipment status in guestrooms. By integrating this solution with SAI's SynergyMMS web-based maintenance management system, hotels have better control over all guestroom touch points, thereby increasing guest comfort and satisfaction, decreasing energy consumption and costs, and significantly improving operations and bottom-line performance.

"Guests' expectations are increasing and hotels need to be vigilant that everything in the room is working at peak performance," said Charlie Dunn, Control Green VP of Marketing. "That includes ensuring room temperature is not too hot or too cold; that the HVAC unit hasn't been running excessively past pre-set time limits; that batteries in door-locks, safes or other room-control systems aren't low; and that overall, all devices are communicating properly. If something goes awry, Control Green is alerted. Through the interface to SynergyMMS, a work order is immediately generated and dispatched to the appropriate engineer."

Control Green provides the necessary online monitoring technology to communicate equipment failure long before the guest even knows there is a problem. SynergyMMS schedules the needed preventive maintenance tasks, including room and security inspections, and provides comprehensive reports for ongoing task management. The multilingual software interfaces to common property-management systems on the market.
Synergistic approach to EMS and PM

"The key to guest satisfaction today is being proactive and predictive to any situation that could potentially end in a guest complaint," said John Clark, SAI director of sales and marketing. "If you can predict a problem and prevent it from happening, guests won't have a reason to complain.  That's the whole purpose behind the Control Green / SynergyMMS integration. Behind the scenes intelligence provided by Control Green to SynergyMMS directs the flow of activity to keep hotel engineers constantly working towards the ultimate goal of extending equipment life while hotel managers strive to maintain guest loyalty and ensure that customers return.

"This integration partnership is about efficiency, problem-solving, money and labor savings," Clark said. "Any hotel looking to expand on its sustainability or green initiatives would do well with the integrated Control Green / SynergyMMS solution. Together, SAI and Control Green are delivering solutions in the cloud that give managers access to data and in-room controls like never before. All that's needed is an Internet connection to start shaving costs and see guest-satisfaction scores soar."

The interface between Control Green and SynergyMMS creates excellent visibility and a proactive approach to maintaining a comfortable climate in the guest rooms. Beyond the guest rooms, SAI’s CONTROLIQ energy management solution for public spaces and meeting rooms also integrates with SynergyMMS in much the same was as Control Green. With these three solutions working together, a property has access to a holistic solution that provides real-time information about the entire building.

For more information on Systems Associates Inc., visit, or call 419-354- 3900. For details on Control Green, visit

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