SAI Taps DAPage to Bridge Communication Between SynergyMMS and Two-Way Radios

  • Systems Associates, Inc.
  • 10.09.12
When it comes to preventive maintenance and fulfilling hotel work orders or guest service requests, communicating effectively via reliable dispatching equipment is key to guest satisfaction and timely workflow. That's why Systems Associates Inc. (SAI) relies on DAPage LLC to serve as a gateway connector between its SynergyMMS maintenance management solution and staff two-way radios.

Through this integration partnership, hotels using SynergyMMS for maintenance management can use a variety of hand-held devices from Motorola and Kenwood plus a variety of cellular devices to facilitate two-way communication.

SAI is a cloud-based provider of building automation systems for energy management and hotel maintenance. SynergyMMS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to enhance asset life and longevity by creating "synergy" between maintenance, engineering and housekeeping staff for enhanced workflow and communications. DAPage is a cloud-based gateway provider that monitors plug-and-play connections in real time to proactively identify transmission issues between staff and hand-held communication devices. The company is a licensed application developer for the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ and a long-standing associate of Kenwood.

"SynergyMMS is the ultimate solution for today's mobile and multilingual workforce," said John Clark, SAI director of sales and marketing. "This preventive maintenance and guest-response tool keeps employees constantly working together for the longevity of the hotel asset and the satisfaction of today's most discerning and demanding hotel guests. DAPage is the conduit between SynergyMMS and whatever mobile device a hotel chooses to use for two-way communication, albeit a hand-held radio or a mobile phone should the radio connection go down.
"Let's face it, not all two-way radios can function as effortlessly as intended due to hotel network limitations and other structural factors that lead to interference," he said. "DAPage removes all communication roadblocks and makes hand-held radios function like today's most advanced smartphones. It's an invisible way to send work orders from SynergyMMS to staff and vise versa quickly, efficiently and cost effectively."

Jeff Silberberg, DAPage partner, said one of the advantages of working with DAPage is that the company doesn't limit the end user to a specific delivery mechanism. DAPage seamlessly integrates with most hand-held radios, pagers, cell phones and other proprietary devices for reliable one- and two-way communications.

"DAPage installs, implements, and manages a hotel's gateway to ensure reliability and satisfaction for our customers and their guests," Silberberg said. "If a connection to a radio is down, for example, we can send a message via SMS to a specified staff cell phone as a back-up. We also can communicate via email or other devices, ensuring that no request goes unfulfilled."

Flexible Upgrade Platform
DAPage has been serving as a highly-customizable gateway to SAI for two years. Today, leading branded hotels, including Vacation Ownership properties, rely on the SAI/DAPage integrated network for reliable service.

"Due to the flexibility of the DAPage solution, SynergyMMS is freeing properties to choose whatever communications platform works best for their operation," Clark said. "Hotels can even mix and match platforms in the same property for added functionality. This gives users the ability to communicate via their preferred mobile platform. Hotels can upgrade the platform propertywide or update one building or tower as needed."

With an average installation time of a half day, the DAPage plug-and-play solution means no capital costs (outside of the radio system) for the business and continuous monitoring, enhanced trouble shooting and improved security.

For more information on Systems Associates Inc., visit, or call 419-354- 3900. For details on DAPage, call 770-399-9464 or visit

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