IQware Partners with Adoba Eco Hotels & Suites

  • IQware, Inc.
  • 10.11.12
Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites, the standard-bearer for environmentally responsible green hotels, and IQware, developer of state-of-the-art global property management systems, recently announced a partnership with IQware to fuel the progress of both brands and leverage the power of their shared services.

Two Industry Leaders, One Shared Vision

Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites is growing as the nation’s most well regarded eco-friendly hospitality brand of its kind, and leads the industry as the first independent LEED aimed green hotel concept the hotel business world has to offer.

“Adoba prides itself on reshaping the hotel landscape for future generations of owners, associates and travelers,” said Adrienne Pumphrey, global head of Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites. “Our core focus is on creating a business model that is sustainable from a financial and social perspective and one that identifies strategies and practices that contribute to a more sustainable world and, simultaneously, drive the highest return on an investment for any owner.”

IQware is similarly positioned at the top of their industry as providers of property management systems for hotel and hospitality owners and managers. IQware’s Global Property Management System (IQpms) represents the best of what new technology offers today’s most business-savvy hoteliers.

“Our IQware Global PMS is uniquely functional and infinitely customizable,” said David Perkins, president of IQware. “It provides a comprehensive, flexible solution for managing the operations of vacation rental properties.

“We are constantly adding functionality and working with our customers to continually improve our IQware Global PMS based on their requests and recommendations,” Perkins said.

Technology Brings Green Hospitality to the Next Level

“We power progress by being innovative and providing integrated tools for increasing property revenues,” said Francois Greffard, Vice President of Operations for IQware.

Greffard adds that technology can help facilitate cost savings and customer relations. IQware, he said, ups the ante by providing smoother functionality across any hospitality property and product flexibility and system responsiveness that translates to a better run business with increased guest satisfaction. It’s this ambitious policy of developmental fluidity and response to customer needs that Jim Henderson, CEO/President of the Adoba Eco Hotel Brand says attracted Adoba to IQware.

“There were many factors that lead Adoba to IQware,” said Henderson. “That includes the flexibility to customize for the future and IQware’s global adaptability, which impressed us and played a large role in our seeing the company as an ideal partner for our innovative approach to green hospitality.”

Innovative, Streamlined & Green from the Ground Up

“We’re the first of a new generation of hotels and represent a new generation of travel and how travelers will book in the future,” Pumphrey said.

“The system responsiveness of IQware’s booking engine will help modernize the way property owners do business and tend to their customers’ needs and requests,” Pumphrey said. “By implementing their systems in Adoba hotels, we’re adding innovative distribution solutions that will position each Adoba hotel around the world to compete in the global marketplace with any guests via all distribution channels. 

“Its navigation is more intuitive than other systems we looked at when shopping around, making it easier to use,” she said. “It enables hoteliers to benefit from streamlined integration and comprehensive tools that will assist us increase revenues and identify savings for ownership groups.”

Pumphrey cites the continuing education supplied by IQuniversity — an online site for staff training — and IQware’s large responsive support team as being critical to the appeal of Adoba’s partnership with the company.

A perfect case study for what to expect from the IQware/Adoba partnership can be found in Adoba’s recent transitioning of a Radisson Hotel property to an Adoba Eco Hotel property. According to Henderson the IQware team has been on call and ready to assist in any way it can with making the transition smooth and seamless.

“From an owner’s perspective, switchover anxiety is minimized,” Henderson said. “Rebranding a hotel can be quite a daunting overhaul, but together IQware and Adoba‘s combined contribution allowed for an easier transition period and with proven systems that were straightforward and able to meet the high standards and demands of a diverse global customer base without any down time.”

Serving the Next Generation of Hotel Guests

Sweetening the pot for Adoba are the peace of mind provided by IQware’s customer service and impressive track record of satisfaction among clients. Adoba views the travelers that look to Adoba hotels for their accommodations as having greater expectations than some, and many of those expectations have to do with sustainable, eco-friendly practices. According to Pumphrey, IQware offers a sizable assist in delivering high-quality accommodations to discriminate green-conscious guests.

“IQware reporting tools are wonderful because they are not static like some other PMS providers,” Pumphrey said. “IQware tools offer flexibility with reports like we’d never seen before.”

“We put everything together for the property owner,” Greffard said. “This helps to ensure the hotel’s costs are offset by profit margin, thus eliminating sticker shock for property owners looking to go green with Adoba, while folding tailor-designed systems into their business for optimal efficiency, which leads to profitable results.”

“We adhere to best practices and have years of continual industry testing to prove our credibility as the most intelligent, flexible system for owners and managers in the hotel and hospitality business,” Greffard said. “We share this approach to business with Adoba, which makes our partnership a natural.”

“Their scalability, reliability and ability to work with us flexibly help us to continue leading the industry with our sustainable hospitality efforts and customer touch points from planning, booking, stay and post-stay processes,” said Pumphrey.

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