Rainmaker’s GroupREV™ Group Forecasting And Pricing System Now Live At 95 Percent of Omni Hotels & Resorts Locations

  • Rainmaker Group (The Rainmaker Group)
  • 11.20.12
The Rainmaker Group announced that its new GroupREV™ group forecasting and pricing system is now live and fully operational at 95 percent of Omni Hotels & Resorts locations across the U.S.  The accelerated launch schedule comes on the heels of Omni’s initial pilot of GroupREV, which commenced in late May at four strategically-chosen locations.  Omni expects all locations will be live by the end of the year.

A standalone solution tailored to meet the needs of both traditional and casino hotels, GroupREV provides a scientific modeling and elasticity-based approach to solving the many longstanding challenges associated with group forecasting and pricing.
Currently, Omni Hotels & Resorts derives approximately 50 percent of its revenues from group business; the other half from individual travelers.

“GroupREV is further empowering our sales managers and sales leaders to quote with confidence by providing a market-based range of rates targeted to the specific needs of each group customer,” said Lesli Reynolds, vice president, global distribution & revenue strategy for Omni Hotels & Resorts.  “By automating our group pricing process, GroupREV frees up our sales team to focus additional time on building relationships with our customers and genuinely understanding their needs.”

The Omni Fort Worth Hotel was the first hotel to go-live with Rainmaker’s new group forecasting and pricing software. “I think it’s great,” said Larry Auth, area director of sales & marketing, Omni Fort Worth Hotel. “GroupREV has been a home run for our team. And not just for our hotel in particular, but a home run for the company as well.

“We’ve had a lot of opportunities already where GroupREV has pushed us 5, 6, 7 dollars, which sounds simplistic at the end of the day, but that small push in rate, each time, helps us to be bigger, faster, stronger. And with that small adjustment to our sales strategy, I think we’re going to see big strides down the road.”

Although GroupREV can work with any revenue management system, for the Omni Hotels & Resorts implementation, GroupREV is tied to Rainmaker’s GuestREV revenue management system, which ties in with Omni’s central reservations system.  GroupREV receives nightly extracts from Omni’s sales and catering system, which is also used to manage all of Omni’s group bookings.  All of this information is used by GroupREV to determine optimal pricing.

“One of the unique challenges of this initiative is that each Omni hotel has a very different business plan for achieving its optimal results,” said Tammy Farley, president of Rainmaker.  “From the outset, it’s been important for our two organizations to collaborate closely to configure a customized solution in line with Omni’s key metrics – one that can deliver relevant, actionable data to the fingertips of sales managers and sales leaders quickly and accurately.  In turn, this allows them to make faster decisions and respond quicker to their customers.  It also frees up more time for the sales leaders to be strategic and gives sales managers greater confidence to sell and to quote rates, as well as increase the likelihood of driving optimal revenue for each and every booking.“

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