ID TECH Integrates with Merchant Link’s Gateway, Tokenization and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Solutions

  • Merchant Link
  • 12.13.12
Merchant Link, a leading provider of payment gateway and data security solutions, announced that it has completed integration with ID TECH’s encrypting point-of-interaction (POI) devices, to increase P2PE hardware options for its customers.

“By combining ID TECH’s secure encrypting payment devices with Merchant Link’s layered solutions, our customers can obtain the highest level of security and support for their payments,” said George Jiang, vice president of engineering for ID TECH.

The integration adds support for ID TECH’s innovative encrypting card readers to Merchant Link’s TransactionShield® point-to-point encryption solution. Data is encrypted the moment a credit card is swiped or entered on a keypad. The data is then passed through the merchant environment and sent to Merchant Link’s cloud-based gateway for decryption and authorization. Cardholder data is replaced with tokens that are sent back to the POS to reference the transaction. The entire process removes all unencrypted data from the merchant environment.

Properly deployed, implementation of these solutions can remove merchant POS systems from the scope of PCI DSS, easing compliance efforts and cost. The use of industry-standard encryption and key management practices saves on the cost of proprietary encryption licensing fees. In addition, Merchant Link’s processor-neutral gateway offers the flexibility to switch amongst processors quickly and efficiently, keeping merchants in control of their payment partners and rates.

“The addition of ID TECH to Merchant Link’s portfolio was a strategic business decision based on customer demand,” said Geoff Krieg, vice president of product management for Merchant Link. “We are pleased to support merchants using these products.”

Certification is complete and the first beta site is live. Integration is available for customers using ID TECH’s SecureMag™, SecurePIN™ 130 SL, SecureKey™, SecureKey™ M100 and M130, Sign&Pay™, and Secure Line Mobile devices.

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