InfoGenesis Secure Program Promotes PCI and PABP Compliance

  • InfoGenesis
  • 04.20.07
InfoGenesis, a leading hospitality technology company in the United States, has announced the launch of InfoGenesis Secure, a new POS security awareness program.

This program will prepare hospitality and food service providers to address the critical issues facing data security in technology environments.

In conjunction with AmbironTrustwave, the program will educate participants in the basics of payment card interface (PCI) and payment card best practices (PABP) compliance, evaluate participants' compliance preparedness through self-assessment and access to AmbironTrustWave's compliance solutions, and enable compliance through their PABP-certified POS product.

"Payment card security is of the highest importance to our customers. InfoGenesis is taking the lead in promoting awareness of this critical initiative through education, assessment, auditing, and ultimately, by enabling compliance with PABP-certified POS product," said Mark Tapling, president and CEO of InfoGenesis. "A one-unit restaurant or other food and beverage operation will handle more than 2,500 credit card transactions in an average month. Each one of these transactions is an opportunity for a security breach and source of exposure for even the smallest of venues. The importance scales exponentially by size of venue and revenue flow."

Visa reports that about 40 percent of the known Visa credit card compromises in 2006 involved a restaurant, as do more than 50 percent of Visa's current compromise investigations. Considering the magnitude of these security threats, and the potential harm and liability to their customers as a result, InfoGenesis hopes the program will provide a much needed spotlight for data security awareness. "We believe that, as a trusted partner to our customers, we have an obligation to provide leadership through our expertise in this crucial area," said Tapling.

Mike Petitti, senior vice president at AmbironTrustWave, said, "The development of this program is a proactive step in the effort to help merchants better secure credit card data. By recognizing and addressing PCI and PABP compliance as a critical issue for their customers, InfoGenesis demonstrates a leading role among vendors in the hospitality and foodservice industries."

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