Squirrel Systems Presents in Malaysia at Posiflex Global Partner Conference

  • SQUiRREL Systems
  • 05.01.07
On April 25 and 26, 85 respresentatives of authorized Posiflex distributors from around the world and 20 Posiflex employees from the Taiwan head office and subsidiaries in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, attended the 2007 Global Partner Conference at the Avillion Hotel outside Kualal Lumpur, Malaysia.

The focus of the conference was for attendees to hear about the latest products from Posiflex and vertical market ISV partners.
The conference was held in Malaysia for the first time to recognize the achievement of Datascan which successfully won the business for 250 Posiflex touch screen workstations at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport against all other leading hardware platform global competitors.

The majority of the conference attendees were distributors of Posiflex products to local market resellers who provide integrated solutions for customers inthe general retail and hospitality markets. POS distribution markets were represented from around the world.

There was a high level of interest in the SquirrelOne application as a software solution which could support resellers reaching new markets where they were not active or competitive. The hotel, resort and restaurant industries are growing rapidly in almost every geographical region. Posiflex resellers require a hospitality POS solution which will enable them to compete more effectively against other North American POS vendors like MICROS, Radiant and InfoGenesis. Professionally managed food and beverage companies place a high value on retail solutions based upon Microsoft technology. Distributors were delighted to hear that Squirrel's third-generation software solution is a native Windows and SQL server application. Growing regional restaurant chains require open software solutions like SquirrelOne which address their needs at the head office and the store level. Market awareness due to Squirrel's strong brand name recognition was expected to help local resellers gain market share.

In the United States and Canada, Squirrel distributes to resellers and resells to end customers integrated Posiflex/SquirrelOne solutions in both stand-alone and client/server network configurations. Internationally, a growing number of resellers purchase SquirrelOne application software from Squirrel and the Posiflex hardware platform from local VAR distribution. This is operationally efficient and cost effective for resellers. Resellers value Squirrel's 24/7 bsuiness model where they can place and inquire about the status of an order online at their convenience; download new licenses and software revisions on demand; and access second line technical support at any time. The software license purchase tarnsaction is completed when the software is installed at the end user site and requires activation.

In addition to the Microsoft platform, international sellers admired and appreciated the easy-to-use cross-cultural user interface designed by human factors engineers. The native multilingual and multicurrency capabilities along with availability of Squirrel's online localization services encouraged many distributors to believe that their resellers could capture significant hospitality market share with the SquirrelOne application.

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