SunSwept Resorts Pampers Guests, Manages Multiple Properties Seamlessly With Maestro Enterprise System

  • Maestro PMS
  • 05.30.07
Whether they come for romance or physical fitness, SunSwept guests enjoy top-notch service enabled by a single-image guest database.

Guests who arrive at one of the four SunSwept Resorts in Saint Lucia might be looking for rest and relaxation at the exclusive four-star Cotton Bay Village; or possibly a romantic getaway at the couples-only Rendezvous resort. Or they may choose to take a more active approach by participating in scuba, golf, tennis, fencing, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy or yoga at the fitness-oriented BodyHoliday spa. Whatever the reasons for their visit to this private island paradise, SunSwept Resorts is equipped to handle all advance booking requests, multi-property scheduling and a spectrum of activity preferences thanks to NORTHWIND's Maestro PMS Enterprise Multi-Property resort hotel software system.

"We are considerably more than an excellent hotel with a spa," said Andrew Barnard, general manager at the SunSwept Resorts' BodyHoliday. "We are a luxury destination for well being. Like each SunSwept Resort we offer an environment with a specific lifestyle choice."

To manage their complex, multi-faceted properties, they have automated their operation with the integrated Maestro Suite including Front Office, Spa, Accounts Receivable and ResEze online booking software modules. All Maestro modules reside on a single-image database platform that provides easy to use management tools and robust resort functionality. "Today's hospitality industry has moved beyond luxury," said Barnard. "The 'experience' is critical and Maestro enables SunSwept to deliver the highest quality experience providing a 360 degree view of the guest at every point of contact. Maestro enables us to record guest activity and health program preferences, so that we can provide our guests with personalized attention and maintain accurate recordkeeping. These tools complement our high touch service offerings at all of our resorts."

The BodyHoliday has one of the largest spas in the Americas, offering more than 40 treatment rooms. It provides dietary consultation, skin care and more than 60 different types of treatments and fitness services. Guests opt for at least one treatment per day and many guests book more than one. "We use Maestro Spa, Property Management and CRM systems integrated on one database to coordinate our operations," Barnard said. "We build a profile around each guest so we can recognize their unique needs and cater to them."

SunSwept Resorts also relies on Maestro's integrated guest database for more profitable personalized email marketing. "When we know what a guest enjoys we can market specifically to their tastes. Guests are more receptive when you offer them something you know they enjoyed before," Barnard said. "Email marketing has a much higher response rate when you are working with good information such as Maestro delivers."

"The Maestro system sharpens our service focus because it links each guests' activity schedule, spa treatment program appointments, guest history and amenity requests all on one record forever," explained Barnard. "This technology makes it easier for our staff to ensure guests are receiving the services they expect, which is mission critical."

Andrew Barnard concluded, "Over 80 percent of our guests come from the UK and Europe. They are a discerning clientele who expect a higher level of personalized service than most markets. Utilizing a leading resort system like Maestro PMS that supports all our properties on one database enables us to know our guests regardless of which of our resorts they enjoy and anticipate their requests as if by magic."



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