EzRMS™ Implemented at Nine NH Hoteles Properties in Amsterdam

  • Infor, Revenue Management
  • 07.06.06
EasyRMS announced successful implementation of the EzRMS™ Internet Product Suite at nine Amsterdam properties in The Netherlands – part of the NH Hoteles portfolio.

Paul Margaillan, managing director and co-founder of EasyRMS is particularly pleased with this latest product implementation and said, “The strongest testimonial we can have for the EzRMS™ Product Suite is not only major international hotel chains such as NH Hoteles endorsing and utilizing the product, but also when key industry players such as Mr. van Roij purchase our product for the second or even third time in their career. There has to be a valid reason for this kind of customer loyalty - something has to work!

“One of the biggest challenges we faced was the need to interface with NH in-house PMS and CRS systems – these systems being quite unique and not standard off-the-shelf products. EasyRMS has for many years now demonstrated the ability to communicate with any PMS or CRS solution however technically challenging this may be. The other unique aspect of this particular implementation is the introduction of multiproperty optimization across nine properties within the same city. This is another major breakthrough for EasyRMS as none of our prestigious competitors are able to offer this functionality today. Yet again EasyRMS leads the way in the provision of innovative and dynamic solutions to the hospitality industry.”

Mr. Stan van Roij, commercial director for NH Hoteles in The Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Africa has been delighted with the performance of the EasyRMS team to date and their commitment to make the interface a success.

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