TrackIT ‘Key’ Component of Hotels’ Award-Winning Services

  • TrackIT, LLC
  • 06.11.07
When Meetings & Conventions magazine named the 2006 winners of its coveted Gold Key Elite award for hospitality excellence, only five hotels were on the list.

Among the many strategies they implemented to ensure that guests have a memorable, hassle-free stay, three of these Gold Key Elite hotels—The Broadmoor, the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort at Gainey Ranch and the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino—use TrackIT. This software solution turns the complexity of handling truckloads of packages for a constantly changing hotel population into a profit center . . . and in the process enhances guest satisfaction while cutting costs.

Developed by career hotel professionals at Ogden-based TrackIT LLC, an affiliate of RHR Systems, the TrackIT solution is designed to streamline the process by which thousands of packages are received and sent by guests and tracked, recorded and delivered by staff at small, medium and large business and convention hotels every day—and to do so in a way that saves on labor costs, increases guest satisfaction and generates profit to the bottom line.

“We are pleased that three of the five winners of Meetings & Conventions magazine’s Gold Key Elite award are among the growing number of hotels using TrackIT, and we feel that TrackIT has been a significant contributor to their operational excellence and high levels of guest satisfaction,” said TrackIT Principal Kelly Smith.

One of the world’s most acclaimed resorts and meeting properties, The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colo., decided to enhance and streamline its package-handling capabilities by adding the TrackIT system two years ago.“With TrackIT, our package-handling services have a much faster response time, its more organized, and we can track every step of the package from receiving to the guest,” said Beth DeSpain, Packaging Supervisor/Convention Services for The Broadmoor. “Our guests tell us we have the best-organized package-delivery system they’ve experienced, and they really like the different package lists I can provide for them.

“I think TrackIT has helped us be recognized as a Gold Key Elite winner because it helps us all work as a team—and that makes the difference,” Despain added. “Also, TrackIT technical support has been awesome. They are always very helpful, reliable and great to work with.”

Philippe Brenot, purchasing manager at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale, concurred, saying since TrackIt was installed nearly five years ago, customer satisfaction regarding package handling has soared.

“With TrackIT, once a package is scanned, it can’t be lost,” Brenot said. “That’s a customer service dream. The barcode palm reader is a life saver for staff and an event or vacation saver for many of our guests.  It’s fast . . . it’s efficient . . . and we’re Gold Key Elite in part because of it.”

Statistics show that 50 percent more hotel-staff time is spent searching for misplaced packages than receiving and delivering them correctly. Instead of a source of frustration, high costs and guest complaints, TrackIT makes the package-handling operation a tightly managed source of revenue.

“Lost packages can result in dire consequences for business guests who need that important parcel or document to make their stay a success,” said Rob Rodgers, president of TrackIT parent company RHR Systems. "TrackIT eliminates confusion and creates an audit trail for every package. That record makes billing for package services easy, quick and accurate.

“There’s another angle too, and that is that replacing the contents of a lost package—if it’s even possible—often can be prohibitively expensive for a hotel,” Rodgers said. “Perhaps even worse, poor package service increases the risk of losing an entire group’s or corporation’s return business, thus damaging a hotel's reputation and competitive position. Simply put, guests expect zero-mistakes services, and TrackIT can deliver that."

At the nearly 100 hotels that have had the foresight and business acumen to install the TrackIT system, Smith said guests actually are complimenting the package-handling staff.

“TrackIT cuts losses due to misplaced packages and saves staff time—and even if the package goes to the wrong room through human error, TrackIT shows where it is for quick retrieval,” he said. “The bottom line is this: With TrackIT, packages almost never get lost or delayed in being delivered or sent.”

TrackIT attacks the package-handling problems that many hotels face on a daily basis by instantly creating a clear, electronic record of every package received and sent as they move through the property. TrackIT quickly returns the management's investment in the system by cutting labor costs and management time, but more importantly reducing the risk of losing valuable packages. Savvy, forward-thinking hotel managers and owners that have invested in TrackIT have seen immediate, positive results, specifically in three key areas: loss prevention, increased staff productivity and total accountability.

Smith said some hotels that use TrackIT do not charge their guests fees for package-handling services—but they do realize bottom-line benefits through reduced labor and management costs from the first day the system is online. As for return on investment, he said TrackIT can save a lodging property the equivalent cost of one entry-level staff person—thus virtually paying for itself in a year or less.

“ROI is even faster when a hotel charges a handling fee for each package—and because TrackIT interfaces with many property-management systems and automatically compiles accurate records, a convention’s entire itemized package-services bill can be presented in a matter of minutes at departure—as opposed to days or even weeks later,” he said.




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