INNCOM Creates New Opportunity for Hotels to Reach Environmentally Aware Guests

  • Honeywell
  • 06.19.07
With the simple push of a green button on the e4 smart digital thermostat, guests can make the choice to participate in a host of environmentally friendly and energy-saving programs predetermined by the hotel.

ENVIRO-MODE will debut in booth No. 1025 at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exhibition and Conference (HITEC) June 26-28 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

“Our customers–hotel owners and operators–want to better respond to guests’ demands that hotels be more environmentally friendly,” said Duane Buckingham, chairman and CEO of INNCOM.  “While INNCOM has always been at the forefront of guestroom innovation, this was like a light bulb switching on.  We were discussing sustainability programs with a senior corporate hotel executive when of our folks said, ‘Why don’t we just add a simple green button to our smart digital thermostat?’ And voila!  The idea immediately caught on, and we went to work developing the software and tooling needed to execute this ‘win-win’ concept.”

The benefits of ENVIRO-MODE are many fold.  First, it demonstrates to prospective guests that a property is eco-friendly.  Second, it is low cost and reduces energy usage and, of course, operating costs.  Third, it provides housekeepers with a convenient, efficient method of setting the temperature back in unoccupied or unrented rooms.  Fourth, it can be used to identify guests who are likely to participate in other environment programs, such as changing bedding every other day or not throwing out partially-used soap and other bathroom amenities on a daily basis.  And finally, it is simply a smart environmental practice.

Adding the ENVIRO-MODE option to the e4 smart digital thermostat can be accomplished simply and with only a minimal investment. The system will be available in one of three ways: 1) as a digital thermostat, 2) as part of a stand-alone energy-management system, and 3) as the room controller of a centrally controlled system powered by INNCOM’s INNControl II software. Guests also can activate the hotel’s green program from any of the INNCOM Decorator or Designer Series programmable switches and from the touch screen on the INNCOM GDA. Production is under way and the system will be available for shipment in the fourth quarter of this year.

“We see this innovation as a great example of how hotels can choose integrated technologies to provide a highly differentiated guest-sensitive experience,” said Rick Quirino, INNCOM president. ENVIRO-MODE is designed for any hospitality establishment that seeks to demonstrate to its guests a firm commitment to environmental sustainability practices. 

“We expect a very high level of interest from properties across the entire service spectrum, including hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise ships, mixed-use developments and self-designated green hotels,” he said. “To help hotels market this new green initiative, we recommend that properties silk-screen their logo on the thermostat next to the green button. It’s an option we offer and it is one more visual to impress on guests of the property’s commitment to environmental sustainability practices.”

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