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  • Enterprise Systems
    Smart Enterprise Trends: 10 Strategic Drivers that will Empower the Smart Enterprise
    • NEC Corporation of America
    • technology trends, future of technology, enterprise solutions
    Competing in today’s business environment is about meeting challenges, making decisions and innovating rapidly – using the best and most current technologies, tools and information. With more than 100 years of excellence in both information and communications technologies, NEC shares its views regarding trends and technologies that in 2014 will drive productivity and provide businesses with superior customer service, a more flexible work environment and a competitive edge.
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  • Guest Experience
    An Oracle Hospitality-Phocuswright Study: Creating the Coveted Hotel Guest Experience, Perspectives from Consumers and Hoteliers
    • Oracle Hospitality, Phocuswright, Guest Experience
    Travelers are increasingly looking for – and expect – a more personalized experience from the hotels they visit, and they are increasingly looking at technology as a critical part of that experience. The survey, Creating the Coveted Hotel Guest Experience, reflects the thoughts of more than 2,700 U.S. and European travelers, as well as the perspective of hoteliers to gauge how well they align with consumers’ expectations.
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  • Guest Experience
    DOCSIS: Deliver Guest Internet by Leveraging Existing Coax
    • SONIFI Solutions
    This white paper by SONIFI Solutions discusses how to deliver guest internet by leveraging existing coax technology within a hotel property for a cost-effective yet high performance experience.
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  • Guest Management
    Hotel Technology: What to Ask For & Expect From Any Technology Vendor
    • NAVIS
    Technology is a necessity today; however, technology partnerships can be a love-hate relationship. Here are a few things to think about as you evaluate new technology partners.
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  • Guestroom Technology
    Hotel Guestroom Entertainment for Today's Tech-savvy Travelers
    • Hotel Internet Services
    Providing a seamless, secure and personalized guestroom TV experience that increases guest satisfaction and maximizes profits.
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  • Hotel
    Hotel Operations in the Cloud
    • SkyTouch Technology
    • cloud-based solutions, hotel operations, hotel management systems
    SkyTouch Technology provides insights from our extensive research and experience working in the cloud. This white paper provides basic cloud computing definitions and characteristics, outlines benefits and challenges, and offers a decision-making checklist for hospitality executives to evaluate migrating their hotel management applications to the cloud.
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  • Hotel Management
    2015 Hospitality CIO Survey Results
    • HP and Hospitality Upgrade
    • hospitality CIO, hospitality technology, big data
    Hospitality Upgrade partnered with HP to survey hospitality industry chief information officers (CIO) about their plans for IT investment, solution sourcing, and the strategic role of the CIO.
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  • Mobile Device Technology
    Millennials and Hospitality: The Redefinition of Service
    • Oracle Hospitality
    • millennials, mobile device, hospitality technology
    More than 9,000 millennials from around the world discussed their use of technology in hotels, restaurants, bars and coffee shops in a groundbreaking survey that quantifies the impact mobile devices are having on hospitality. This report highlights the ways in which hospitality operators need to adapt their services to meet the individual needs of millennials.
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  • Mobile Solutions
    The Connected Traveler: What Your Hotel Needs to Know
    • Comcast Business
    • Mobile Solutions, Hotel Wi-Fi, Guestroom Technology
    Hotels and the travelers who frequent them bear little resemblance to their counterparts from just a few years ago. The explosion of new technologies has allowed hotels to change the way they operate and has made the average traveler more tech-savvy and connected than ever.
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  • Revenue Management
    2018 Hotel Brand Reputation Rankings: USA & Canada
    • ReviewPro

    For this report ReviewPro analyzed 15,423,138 online reviews of 32,359 hotels representing 179 brands in the US and Canada. The data was drawn from 65 review sources over a one-year period from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018 and compares performance to the previous year, from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017.

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  • Telecom
    PBX Regret: 6 Dirty Little Secrets Some Hotel Communication Providers Do Not Want Exposed
    • PHONESUITE Telephony Solutions
    • Communication, PBX, Telephony solutions
    As hotel communication evolves, some providers have become creative with packaging solutions that may not be what they seem. The result- hoteliers are destined for PBX Regret.
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  • Unified Communications
    Reducing UC Costs and Increasing Business Performance in the Cloud with UCaaS
    • NEC Corporation of America
    • UCaaS, communication technology, unified communications
    Businesses today communicate in more ways, using more technologies, than ever before. Calls are as likely to take place on mobile devices and computers as they are on desk phones, and communication methods now include not only traditional one-on-one voice calling, but also Internet calling; conferencing and collaboration; and messaging and instant messaging. As communications continue to evolve, so too will the number and complexity of devices and formats – along with the challenge of using them effectively and cost-efficiently.
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  • Wireless Technology
    The Evolution of Hotel Wi-Fi
    • Eleven
    It’s hard to believe that there was a world before smartphones and Wi-Fi. In reality, it was less than 20 years ago that Wi-Fi was first available in our homes and just over 10 years since the first iPhone came out. We have quickly become accustomed to the world at our fingertips. 
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