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HSMAI - Solutions on the Road to Recovery

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October 26, 2020
Partnership Section
Robert Gilbert - bgilbert@hsmai.org

Is the hospitality industry in recovery? Will it be anytime soon? When might we get back everything we’ve lost and return to our pre-COVID numbers?

There are no definitive answers to these questions at this moment, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to consider, reconsider, and act on. There are always solutions, and that’s why we’ve created HSMAI Road to Recovery 2020. This ambitious platform of online programs is designed to connect hotel sales, marketing, and revenue optimization professionals in meaningful ways in a variety of formats, including webinars, workshops, roundtables and ideas exchanges — all structuredaround five pillars:

Combining weekly live best-practices webinars with smallgroup discussions as well as on-demand microlearning in sales, marketing and revenue optimization tracks.

Including three CURATE PRESENTS: Resilience
Now interactive sessions with leadership and performance consultant Dr. Jannell MacAulay; three Small Screen, Big Impact Master Class sessions presented in partnership with Mindset Digital; and Outlook 2021, an in-depth hospitality and travel forecast from global economist Bernard Baumohl.

Offering 90-minute educational sessions for six peer groups of industry leaders — hotel chief marketing officers, chief sales officers, chief revenue officers, chief digital officers, chief loyalty officers and management company sales and marketing executives.

Presenting five- to six-week online certificate courses in digital marketing, revenue optimization, digital sales and data analytics.

Featuring discounted pricing on industryleading certification opportunities for hospitality and tourism professionals, including Certified Hospitality Revenue Management Executive (CRME), Certified in Hospitality Business Acumen (CHBA), Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer (CHDM).

With programs running from September through January, HSMAI Road to Recovery is all about inspiring hospitality professionals with possibilities; learn more at americas.hsmai. org/recovery2020. The same can be said of the articles in the HSMAI section of this issue of Hospitality Upgrade, which offer concrete strategies, tactics and tools for responding to the COVID-19 marketplace from some of our industry’s premier thought leaders — including Cindy Estis Green and Vince Cusma on achieving revenue and profit goals, Kelly McGuire and Raghav Puranmakla on the benefits of automation, Larry Mogelonsky on winning with integration, Sherry Marek on understanding operational data, and David Chestler on adapting hospitality operations to the new normal. All of us are on the road to recovery together. We’ll get there that much sooner if we keep thinking, keep talking, and keep looking for solutions.SC


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