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Solving the Complexity and Risk of Payment Processing

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October 18, 2019
Branded Content
Fran Worrall

All-in-one solution by Shift4 Payments brings togther every piece of the payments ecosystem

The world of payment processing is fraught with complexity. Tokenization, point-to-point encryption, EMV and certification requirements have increased the challenges — and the costs — to hotels and have made it more difficult for them to operate smoothly and efficiently.

“The primary pain point in payment processing is that it went from simple to complex fairly quickly,” said Daniel Montellano, senior vice president of business development at Shift4 Payments, a leader in integrated payment processing solutions to the hospitality industry. “All of these factors brought in layers of difficulty to the industry, which brought in more costs. And the recent increase in mobility has introduced entirely new device families, adding even more challenges to an already challenged market.”

Historically, hotels were forced to contract with multiple vendors to manage payment processing, he explained. “You signed up for payment processing, got a gateway, made sure it connected with the POS, purchased the PIN pad devices and made sure the keys were injected correctly.”

And because all of these things were set up through different vendors, hoteliers often did everything right only to discover issues on the go-live date, which meant hours spent trying to figure out which vendor was responsible for the problem. “That’s simply not workable,” Montellano said. “Hoteliers shouldn’t have to be credit card gurus. And they certainly don’t have time to rally four or five vendors to figure out what’s going on with their processing solution.”

Enter Shift4 Payments, which offers one comprehensive processing solution that not only integrates with hundreds of property management and point-of-sale systems but also provides a patented payment gateway that includes the layered security of EMV, tokenization and PCI-validated point-to-point encryption. The company also provides terminals from leading manufacturers, including Ingenico, Innowi, ID TECH and PAX, as well as key injection. By combining payment services, properties can cut costs and save money across the board. And if there’s a problem, hoteliers only need to contact Shift4 to solve it. “We’ve redefined the entirepayment processing business,” Montellano said. “We’re the onestop solution for the hospitality industry, from boutique properties and resorts to large casino properties and hotel chains.”

And now, the company has introduced its SkyTab solution to address the cost and complexity of pay-at-the-table. SkyTab combines state-of-the-art hardware with simple and intuitive software to deliver an exceptional guest experience. Its userfriendly payment interface supports EMV chip cards, NFC, mobile payments and traditional swiped card transactions. It also includes the ability to split checks and add tips and offers guests the choice of an e-receipt or a paper receipt via an integrated printer.

In addition, SkyTab prompts guests to rate their service at the end of the transaction. If the rating falls below a predetermined threshold, an alert is immediately sent to management, enabling them to resolve problems quickly and efficiently and avert negative online reviews. The solution’s e-receipt capabilities also provide business intelligence, allowing the restaurant to automatically populate its customer database and personalize loyalty and email marketing campaigns.

Although pay-at-the-table is standard practice throughout most of the world, it has struggled to gain widespread acceptance in the U.S. “The efficiency and security benefits of pay-at-the-table are undeniable, but the high cost of the devices has hindered adoption,” Montellano said.

In response, Shift4 Payments is offering the SkyTab device free of charge to its customers. “There’s no catch,” he said. “We’ll give hotels the PIN pad devices and they can use our software; or, if they prefer, they can use one of our POS partners’ software. We’re here to support, and we’ll handle all the certifications of PCI, P2PE and EMV.”

Shift4 Payments securely processes more than a billion transactions annually, representing more than $100 billion in payments each year. “Our complete payment solution helps hotels around the world maximize revenue across the entire property,” Montellano concluded, “from front desk to back office and everywhere in between.”

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