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June 19, 2023
Editor's Note
Geneva Rinehart - geneva@hospitalityupgrade.com

Buckle Up . . . the AI Ride has Begun!

So, who else is tired of hearing about artificial intelligence? Like it or not, I’m afraid we’re just starting out on a long journey, so buckle up and claim a comfy seat. With AI permeating every facet of life, we may be on this train for a while. A few weeks ago, Rich sent our team a video of an AI-generated singing cat competing on the popular UK show Britain’s Got Talent. Interesting, yes, but don’t get me started on the fairness aspect of an AI competitor!

I recently heard an interview with Tom Hanks in which the 66-year-old actor commented on AI and its future in entertainment—a future in which filmmakers (computers) could capture a 32-year-old Hanks for a series of movies starring Hanks well into the future and even after his death. Now that’s really interesting, although if you’re a Star Wars fan you know it has already been done. Hmm... that gives me an idea. With two hospitality tradeshows scheduled for the same week in June this year, perhaps we could generate an AI version of Rich in our booth, maybe a ‘Rich Siegel 2.0’ who could network 24/7 and didn’t have to undergo knee replacement surgery. Now, wouldn’t that be brilliant?

Our summer issue is filled with interesting content, 99.9 percent of which was generated without the help of artificial intelligence. Yet with that topic at the forefront of every conversation, we’ve delved into the subject with gusto— from AI Trends (page 44) to Granting Wishes with AI (page 112) to the Legal Ramifications of AI (page 132). I find I’m using AI more and more these days. For instance, I used Siri for several search requests as I wrote this column.

Another highlight of this issue is Reinventing the Workplace by Michael Schubach (page 52). Michael has frequently written about the pros and cons of robots and other cutting edge technologies in the hospitality industry. Now, he turns his attention to the effects of the remote workplace, both its advantages and disadvantages. Whether you agree with him or not, these words of wisdom come from a technologist with decades of experience.

On another note, I want to extend my congratulations to Sherry Marek for her induction into the HFTP Technology Hall of Fame. Sherry has assisted me with the Mentor Pages project as well as many other initiatives to increase the number of women in STEM occupations and hospitality technology jobs. Her recognition is well deserved!

Now, if AI could just find a way to weed out the spam in my in-box and answer all those repetitive emails (preferably before I have to read them), that would free up 25 percent of my day. And maybe I’d have more time to watch those AI- generated singing cats!



The 2023 EVS in New Orleans was a blast! Doug Rice wrote our event summary found on page 60, and there are tons of photos on pages 70 and 138.

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