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Twitter Cheatsheet: Quick tips for Twitter newcomers

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October 15, 2015
Hayley Calhoon

Many brands have jumped onto Twitter, inspired by the social success of their Twitter-veteran colleagues and competition. Initially, these brands send out a few initial tweets and are found by a small group of followers.

But now what? It’s important to experience continual growth both in followers and in engagement. Use these basic tips to make sure your brand isn’t just a spectator, but a contributor.

Polish your Profile: Have you changed your account visuals and bio since you joined the Twitterverse? Like any other profile, these items need regular updating. Header and profile images should be up-to-date and a compelling representation of your brand.

Build a Better Bio: Make the most out of those 160 characters using keywords, links and winning copy that gets you noticed in search.

Get Noticed: Let everyone see your replies by adding a period in front of the “@” at the beginning of the reply. Use this opportunity to show off how you interact with your customers.

Mind the Clock: There’s few things more useless than a tweet that nobody sees.  Tweet at optimal times to make sure your message is put out to your intended audience. For most content, that’s Monday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Tied up in meetings? Use a scheduler to send your tweets.

Make a Mark: Be sure your tweets are showing up in searches for related, popular topics by using relevant hashtags.

Keep it Short: Links are an important part of your Twitter strategy, but don’t waste characters on a lengthy, unattractive link. Use a link shortening service such as bit.ly to create custom URLs that are easier on the eyes.

Put a Pin in it: Highlight a key message on your profile by “pinning” a tweet to the top of your feed. This will be the first thing newcomers to your profile see, and an opportunity to share important brand information. Simply find the tweet you want to pin, click the more button below the tweet, and select “Pin to your profile page.”
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