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What to Read: Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

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June 12, 2015
What to Read
David Chestler

What's On the Bookshelf
Over the years, we’ve had numerous conversations with industry leaders and often one of the topics that we discuss is the latest book read. We thought it would be fun to share some of these booklover conversations with our readers. Here are what our industry leaders are reading.

Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything
by Joshua Foer
[Review by David Chestler, EVP Global Enterprise Sales & Business Development, SiteMinder]
If each of us were to name what is most topical in hospitality today, I daresay few, if any, would mention memory and virtualization. And yet it gets perhaps more coverage than any other aspect of our industry, as we continue to look at new technologies such as augmented reality and how to make the experience a part of the traveler nomenclature.

This book shares the story of Joshua Foer who, while researching for a story on memorization, found himself pulled into the mental exercises originated by the ancient poets and philosophers of Rome and Greece, and kept alive today by some of our great mental athletes. Foer documents his experiences, and this book takes you through his journey which interweaves great stories and historical anecdotes with his efforts to master memorization.

It traces the odyssey of memorization and illustrates how we can retain everything we see, smell, hear and experience, as a “story” which we can then share or relive over time.

It shared with me not only the science and sport of memorization but the art and skill it takes to commit oneself to self-improvement and beyond. The idea that people study and train to join the Competitive Memorization Circuit is what made this book so fascinating. The book explains that memorization is very much a learned skill, much like learning to play an instrument. Some people are good with remembering, some at memorizing, but each has the ability of improving their skill to enhance their ability to remember. Nothing is quick and easy, and perhaps that is the best takeaway from this book.

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