AirRevive Refurbishes Chicago Marriott Suites Downers Grove Guestroom Air Conditioning Units

  • AirRevive
  • 09.29.15
AirRevive, a leader in sustainable HVAC refurbishment and re-commissioning services for commercial clients, announced its completion of a guestroom fan coil unit refurbishment project for the Chicago Marriott Suites Downers Grove.

A top choice among Downers Grove, Illinois hotels, the Chicago Marriott Suites Downers Grove recently underwent extensive renovations.
The elegant all-suite hotel engaged AirRevive to refurbish 258 guestroom horizontal air conditioners. The refurbishment occurred during the renovation.
Renovation dust takes years off the life of the fan coil units. It adds allergens to the air.
AirRevive’s proprietary chemical solutions and processes to clean, disinfect and deodorize the coils and blower assembly cleared dust and debris from renovation and improved indoor air quality. AirRevive installed fiber-free foam anti-microbial thermal insulation. The insulation does not collect dust and debris and is best practice for reducing A/C related noise. AirRevive also refurbished the drain pans to extend their life.
Preparing to refurbish horizontal fan coil unit in ceiling.

AirRevive successfully coordinated scheduling and room assignments with housekeeping, engineering, project managers, contractors and several subcontractors. Many companies with different scopes of work coordinated their efforts so the fan coil refurbishment project was completed successfully.
The guestroom horizontal fan coil units are located in the ceiling. AirRevive technicians are trained in techniques to properly clean, disinfect and replace parts and components in these difficult to reach units.
The units varied with single, double and triple shaft motors, which were removed for a specialized deep clean. Customized services also included replacing PSC motors as needed.
Data collection showed airflow increased by 58 percent, and supply temperature decreased by 10 percent. The results were guestroom fan coil units that are disinfected, run efficiently and save energy, improving guest comfort.

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