B4Checkin Customizable Reservations System Implemented in U.S. and Caribbean Resorts

  • B4Checkin
  • 12.19.13
Four luxury resorts in the western U.S. and the Caribbean switched to B4Checkin's booking engine, online check-in and guest satisfaction tools.

BlueWater Resort and Casino in Arizona, Manchebo Resort and Spa in Aruba, Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa in New Mexico, and The Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Arizona each cited B4Checkin's exceptional value proposition and seamless PMS interface in opting to make the switch from their legacy booking engines.

Combining one of the industry leading booking capabilities with attentive client service at an exceptional price point, B4Checkin can display and automatically process corporate negotiated rates, group blocks and multiple package deals and promotions, all in real time availability. Most booking engine vendors typically require hotels to pay on a per reservation commission basis, but B4Checkin instead features a flat monthly subscription model. Moreover, B4Checkin recently gained TripAdvisor's TripConnect certification, which means B4Checkin clients have access to commission free direct bookings from one of the world's most trafficked hotel review site.
"When hoteliers compare the B4Checkin solution side by side against other big name reservations systems it becomes immediately evident that our technology simply offers a more seamless PMS integration and superior user experience," sais Saar Fabrikant, president and CEO of B4Checkin. "Considering that many of our hotel clients' bread & butter is group related bookings, B4Checkin integrates in real time with group blocks and updates them as reservations are made."
The deep customizability of the B4Checkin system is especially attractive to management at BlueWater Resort. B4Checkin's user-friendly customer facing reservations navigation is one of the key selling points.
"The fact that the B4Checkin booking engine looks and feels like our very own webpage is especially important in terms of maintaining a consistent brand image," said Shane Hale, director of hotel operations. "B4Checkin understands these needs and has integrated them into a customizable package that allows for seamless integration with minimal back end work on our part."
The solution's various auto-generated features, including reservation confirmations, reminder emails and guest feedback reports, have helped reduce human error and ensure that negative guest survey comments are dealt with in a timely manner.
"Service issues that may have slipped through the cracks in the past are now being caught and addressed by the B4Checkin system," said Hale.
Management at The Scottsdale Plaza Resort finds value from B4Checkin's two way PMS interface, which provides a real time look at live inventory. The resort's previous booking engine required reservations to be manually downloaded to the PMS, meaning inventory had to be set aside even though it often ultimately went unsold.
"B4Checkin's ability to integrate with the PMS and see live inventory also increases upsell opportunities, to suites for instance, because we know exactly how many are still available at any given time, which maximizes occupancy and revenue," said Sean Sachs, vice president of sales and marketing for The Scottsdale Plaza. "With the efficiencies and additional upsell opportunities provided by the B4Checkin system, we anticipate generating ROI that will far outweigh the cost."

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