Best Western International's CRS and MSI CloudPM™ Integrated by Multi-Systems, Inc.

  • Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI)
  • 12.17.13
Best Western International announced the integration of its central reservation system with MSI's hotel cloud property management system, MSI CloudPM™, for all Best Western member properties.

“We’ve worked with MSI for 20 plus years," said Scott Gibson, chief information officer for Best Western International. "This history merited our decision to offer our Best Western member properties an option to install complete cloud technology with MSI CloudPM™. MSI’s quality products and services are reinforced with an experienced team that successfully bridges decades of hospitality innovation and MSI’s knowledge of Best Western’s business processes.” 

Integrated with MSI CloudPM™ is new and exclusive MSI CloudSync™. This automated technology gives Best Western members a simple insurance policy by providing uninterrupted use of MSI CloudPM™ even if Internet service is interrupted. This prevents loss of production, time and revenue at the properties. When Internet service is interrupted in the cloud, MSI CloudSync™ activates and MSI CloudPM™ continues to operate offline. When service returns, all information entered in the offline mode auto updates as if there were no interruption. 

“MSI is pleased to commit an investment of over 16-person-years to develop and support this multiyear agreement for MSI CloudPM™,” said Rick Munson, president and CEO of MSI. “MSI’s commitment to total cloud solutions for Best Western members includes the engineering, product management, quality assurance and deployment services required to integrate Best Western’s CRS and Best Western rewards loyalty program into MSI CloudPM™ for Best Western Member properties that select this system for their hotel.”

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