Blue Mountain Resorts to Pilot VENZA’s Learning Eco-System Gamification Platform to Reinforce Essential PCI and PII Compliance Requirements

  • 09.13.16
Ontario-based Blue Mountain Resorts will be the first beta tester organization for VENZA’s new VENZA® Learning Game Eco-System, a mountain-scape, mobile-friendly gamification platform for reinforcing critical PCI and PII requirements so that associates are equipped to keep guest data safe.

“With hospitality organizations particularly vulnerable to breaches, protecting guest data is too important to rely on just a one-and-done learning approach,” said Daniel Johnson, COO of VENZA. “But in today’s environment, learning time and attention aren’t easy to come by. Blue Mountain recognized that delivering learning in smaller, engaging content ‘bites’ would be more practical and more effective for equipping learners and meeting compliance goals.”

VENZA previously partnered with Blue Mountain to develop a customized, role-based curriculum to meet the compliance requirements of Canada’s PIPEDA legislation while increasing the security and safety of data across its various lodging options.

“We knew from our past experience with VENZA that not only do they have unique, specialized expertise in addressing data security issues within the hospitality industry, they have a strong track record of developing online learning that engages participants,” said John Gowers, IT director at Blue Mountain. “When we heard about their new learning game platform, we were eager to test it out. With spaced content and a fun, competitive gaming environment, this is truly learning for today’s learners.”

In the VENZA® Learning Game Eco-System participants embark on a mountain trek where they complete modules related to specific PCI and PII compliance issues. As learners follow their prescribed learning path, they compete against other learners in their peer group to collect completion badges and scale the mountain. In addition to promoting greater learning retention, the spaced approach and modular style mean that content and components can be updated and replaced as needed to accommodate new regulations or changes to the security landscape.

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