Blueprint RF Reaffirms Stand Against Nomadix

  • Blueprint RF
  • 12.17.14
Blueprint RF, a hotel Internet service provider, reaffirmed its stand against a patent infringement lawsuit asserted by Nomadix, Inc. pertaining to gateway server technology.

“Blueprint RF respects the intellectual property rights of others, including Nomadix, and developed a modern platform utilizing open-source software purposely designed to avoid utilizing the Nomadix patents," said Ron Peterson, CEO of Blueprint RF. "We’re confident that our Dominion platform, and technologies like it, will prevail and avoid the need for hotels to pay unnecessary annual gateway licensing fees.”
“Since the late 1990’s, technology has naturally matured to create options to connect guests to the Internet without utilizing Nomadix proprietary technologies," said Peterson. "We look forward to seeing the legal process through to a successful conclusion. If necessary, we are prepared to bring the case to a jury of peers who will understand and agree with our position.  We owe this effort to ourselves and the hospitality industry we serve.” 
The lawsuit filed in Central District Court of California on Oct. 24, 2014, alleges Blueprint's Dominion gateway infringes 10 patents held by Nomadix, including Internet access features such as browser redirection to a login page, guest folio billing for Internet access charges and user bandwidth tiers.
Nomadix is a subsidiary of DOCOMO interTouch, which is owned by Japanese mobile phone giant NTT DOCOMO.
Blueprint RF supplies a full range of network solutions to the hospitality and travel industry with proprietary solutions and services that integrate technology to heighten the guest experience.

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