Clairvoyix Travel Market Area is a New Standard for Hospitality-specific Geographic Referencing

  • Clairvoyix
  • 06.13.13
Clairvoyix, a leader in enterprise class, hospitality-specific marketing automation, is announcing a new standard for geographic segmentation. 

The Clairvoyix Travel Market Area (or TMA) defines specific ZIP codes in a major metropolitan area where business and leisure travelers live.  Unlike the very popular Nielsen DMA® (designated market area) and the MSA (metropolitan statistical area), the Clairvoyix TMA avoids the ZIP codes that do not generate any significant business. 

As a targeted marketing company, the Clairvoyix philosophy is to help its hospitality clients identify their high value past guests and the prospects that look just like them.  “Targeted marketing is all about a higher return on less spend,” said Lisa Phillips, the Clairvoyix vice president of professional services.  “Our hospitality clients expect us to communicate to the right audience, and as our new Travel Market Area is based on the current activity of real travelers, I know that I am not wasting valuable marketing dollars on geographic regions that will not deliver results.”     

The Clairvoyix Travel Market Area is further segmented by the characteristics of the traveler.  For example, do they stay at full service, resort, or select service hotels, spend on spa, golf or fine dining?  Clairvoyix analyzed millions of travelers to determine which ZIP codes produced a significant amount of hotel bookings.  The result was exactly what a hospitality marketer would expect: only a fraction of the ZIP codes in a given DMA® produced any appreciable business, and therefore with this insight a higher return on invested marketing dollars is the result.   

In the following example, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metropolitan area was analyzed to determine which ZIP codes had the greatest concentration of current high-value travelers.  Targeting the Twin Cities is now a scientific process, allowing hospitality marketers to avoid non-producing ZIP codes and quickly understand where to apply their scarce marketing dollars based on ZIP codes that have the highest number of travelers. Therefore, if a marketer only has the budget to reach (for example) 10,000 prospects, he or she may find his or her campaign targeting fewer ZIP codes.  Without the benefit of the Clairvoyix Travel Market Area, this strategy would be a risky proposition.  With the Clairvoyix Travel Market Area the campaign can be deployed knowing the data supports the strategy, and in these tough economic times with all of the pressure to spend less and produce a higher return, even the company's CFO will smile. 

Clairvoyix is a leading provider of highly scalable database marketing systems and digital agency services.  Offered as a “Software as a Service”, our solution is preferred by both internationally recognized branded chains as well as independent hotels.  The Clairvoyix Hospitality Solution includes support for highly targeted e-mail, video, direct mail and mobile campaigns, with ROI based on actual guest spend.  Our commitment to quality, speed, and affordability has made us the choice for leading hotels and resorts for over ten years.  

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