FCS Announces General Availability of e-Housekeeping V2

  • FCS Computer Systems
  • 04.28.14
FCS Computer Systems (FCS) has announced the availability of e-Housekeeping V2 which has enhancements for executives, supervisors and room attendants.

The new version's upgraded functionality further heightens the benefits of the housekeeping solution, which has received accolades from hospitality trailblazers, as well as Singapore's member of Parliament, Cabinet Minister and National Trades Union Congress Secretary-General Lim Swee Say.
Hotels using e-Housekeeping streamline the cleaning and inspection process for guestrooms and public areas with automated assignments, job dispatch and comprehensive reporting. e-Housekeeping works in conjunction with a special mobile app called m-Housekeeping which greatly improves the efficiency of the workforce on the floor.
The solution was built with a true understanding of challenges faced by hotels' housekeeping departments. To combat common errors, such as cleaning the wrong room, FCS designed a QR code system that works within m-Housekeeping, requiring room attendants to scan a QR code placed on the back of the guestroom door prior to activating the countdown, room status update and others for room cleaning. Room attendants also can update turndown status and add additional jobs like carpet cleaning or spring cleaning with credit and time calculations.
This version also gains access to new safety features for housekeeping staff. There is a panic button within m-Housekeeping, allowing staff to trigger alerts via SMS, ad-hoc messaging, direct call, job dispatch and alarm sounds from their mobile device in the event of an emergency situation.
Other standard features that set the FCS solution apart from others on the market include time allotments per room based on size, time of day and end of stay; priority adjustment based on guest VIP-status; and built in guidelines with photos to help clearly explain hotel standards for tasks like bed corners or amenities placement.
In addition to helping hotels increase productivity, the solution aids in the elimination of paper waste created by the continual printing performed in many housekeeping departments. The digitizing of data also makes it easier for managers to compile and pull reports in real time for overall operations status.
By utilizing the upgraded e-Housekeeping V2, room controllers now have access to features like:
Condition-based auto turndown service assignments for room attendants
  • Auto and manual assignment for inspections
  • Automatic adjustments for inspection times and room credits based on various room statuses 
  • The ability to assign rooms to attendants based on forecasted information for different locations
  • A roster import from formatted Excel file information
  • Reports designed and scheduled for auto distribution based on available data within the system
  • The power for front office to rush or queue rooms by type or specific room
"e-Housekeeping has robust functionality which sets it far ahead of other applications competing in the hospitality space," said Cris Davidson, senior director of sales and operations of North America for FCS. "By working directly with hotel customers to learn what features were most important to their operation, FCS was able to improve our housekeeping solution even further with additional benefits in our latest version."
First launched in 2012, e-Housekeeping now powers operations in over 5,000 guestrooms around the world. e-Housekeeping can operate as a standalone, or be combined with FCS' other hospitality solutions for even greater hotel benefits, along with interfacing with third party software and industry leading PMS solutions, including Opera, Galaxy and OnQ.

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