FCS Announces General Availability of its e-Connect V3.1 and m-Connect V3.1 for Guest Request and Task Management Efficiency

  • FCS Computer Systems
  • 11.09.16
The general availability of FCS e-Connect V3.1 and m-Connect V3.1 has been announced by FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading comprehensive hospitality solutions and services provider.

These latest versions will provide hoteliers with a means to streamline even more functions related to guest request and work order dispatch management. Already recognized as an industry-leading solution for enhancing propertywide communication and task status tracking functionality, the latest versions of e-Connect and m-Connect are expected to push the envelope on a hotel's ability to deliver excellence in service.
As a solution that functions as a centralized call center for runner profile maintenance, inventory control, job escalation and courtesy call management, e-Connect automatically manages resources and assigns responsibilities to personnel depending on skillset and location, allowing hotels to achieve unmatched efficiency and consistency. With the recent upgrades, the solution can now additionally boast features such as the ability to attach files to assignments, providing staff members with even greater task insight if needed. Other new functions and conveniences include:
• Printable job slips with scanable barcodes for quick job status updates.
• Instant grouping of engineering request tasks based on location.
• Send marketing SMS messages to guest devices (via OPERA PMS).
• Implement new (delayed) job status for timing out jobs.
• Full integration with third-party systems including Creston, Maximo and Solution Expert Limousine system.
• Supports E11, MySQL 5.7, MSSQL 2012 and Windows 2012 R2.
In order to speed up response times and eliminate breakdowns in communication, e-Connect's companion mobile app, m-Connect, is specifically designed to run on staff personal devices via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks. By leveraging m-Connect, hotel staff are able to instantly receive, send and update tasks from any location, ensuring employees are always fully aware of their daily responsibilities and are able to prioritize accordingly.
Equipped with the newest version of m-Connect, staff members are now able to take photos and link them to a specific job, offering clarification on issues such as maintenance requests. This new feature is also accompanied by the ability to attach voice recordings to jobs when even greater description is required. m-Connect's new barcode scanning ability additionally allows employees to retrieve task details in an instant when presented with printed out job slips.
With a hotel's employee demographic often consisting of individuals from diverse national backgrounds, m-Connect is further able to sidestep communication barriers with its new translation engine that lets staff view task details in their native language. The platform also adds the additional benefit of allowing employees to automatically convert their replies into the preferred language used by hotel management. Since the latest update, m-Connect has also been imbedded with m-2Talk, an FCS solution that allows staff to participate in walkie-talkie style conversations using their own smartphones, streamlining communications and efficiency even further. m-Connect V3.1 is additionally compatible with Android 5.x and IOS 9.x, making the platform more accessible to a wide array of personal devices.

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