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Genares™ Achieves Direct Connectivity to Sabre Global Distribution System

  • Genares Worldwide Reservations Services
  • 02.06.14
Genares™ has completed its direct connectivity interface to the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS).

“We no longer have to rely on the traditional system of using third-party switches to connect to Sabre,” explained Ursula Rhode, COO of Genares. “Genares has climbed to the top of the technology ladder in our industry. We now offer a state-of-the-art, seamless environment with significant new advantages for our clients around the globe.”
The new interface with Sabre brings critical improvements for clients of Genares including faster, more streamlined communication with the GDS; real-time rates and availability from the Genares reservations system; speedier rollout of enhancements and updates; better inventory control; and potentially reduced costs.
“We are constantly monitoring technology advancements and quickly incorporating them in order to provide our clients the most sophisticated options and services," said Rhode. “When we can offer something as critical as direct connectivity with a player as big as Sabre, it's a win win for everyone, as well as a competitive advantage.”

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