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Guest Wi-Fi: An Efficient Way to Collect Data and Engage with Guests

  • Nonius
  • 04.21.22
One of the first things that guests do when they arrive at a hotel is to search for a Wi-Fi connection. Offering a personalised and intuitive Guest Wi-Fi Landing Page is a great way to make it easy for guests to access the network, inviting them to fill in the blanks with reliable first-party data.

This omni-channel strategy is leveraged by CRM integrations that will store the data collected so it can be used to offer an improved and customised experience to boost guest engagement. Guest Wi-Fi with CRM integrations is also a seamless way to convert OTA clients into direct clients, allowing your marketing team to create targeted campaigns to cross-sell and upsell, increase revenue, and retain guests.

Efficient data capturing with Nonius Guest Wi-Fi
Our Guest Wi-Fi solution is totally customizable to your brand standards, a wonderful tool to promote your hotel and encourage guest engagement. 
Social network authentication is available allowing guests to easily access the Wi-Fi network and provide accurate data that will be automatically sent to your CRM, through a seamless integration. 
Our solution integrates with the major CRMs, thanks to Nonius Hub, that integrates with more than 100+ hospitality systems. Our developing team is also available to help you add any CRM of your choice.

Easy Management
Our real-time dashboard gives staff all the information they need to monitor and control the Wi-Fi service. It is totally configurable to the requirements of hotel groups and independent properties and shows technical and performance stats that can influence guest satisfaction. An easy-to-use dashboard also helps to save staff time and reduce operational costs.

Nonius offers hospitality technology solutions for Internet Access & Network management, IPTV & Headend, Casting,
Digital Signage, Telephony/VOIP, Mobile Check-in and Digital Key, Tablet registration and signature & Marketing tools.
With 11 subsidiaries in the EMEA and the Americas combined with an extensive service partners network, Nonius serves
more than 330,000 hotel rooms worldwide. Nonius is a proud industry member of Hospitality Technology Next
Generation (HTNG) and is certified according to ISO 9001.

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