GuestREV by The Rainmaker Group Implemented by Seminole Gaming

  • Rainmaker Group (The Rainmaker Group)
  • 12.09.14
The Rainmaker Group has announced that Seminole Gaming Corporation will implement GuestREV® at its recently renovated and newly expanded Seminole Casino Hotel, Immokalee property.

The new, four-story, 99-room hotel is the latest phase of a major upgrade initiative that includes a casino floor expansion, new restaurant and 7,500 sq. ft. event center, located about an hour east of Naples, Fla., and which, this year, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The Seminole Casino Hotel, Imakolee award marks the second time in four years Seminole Gaming has selected Rainmaker’s automated revenue management system in a competitive procurement. 

“Our decision to choose Rainmaker was an easy one,” said Robert Levine, corporate director of revenue management. “We already have four years of proven results with their software and they provide us with a great support team. There was nobody else we wanted to partner with as strong as we wanted to partner with Rainmaker.

“The Rainmaker platform has been for a number of years, and still is, extremely cutting edge," said Levine. "They continue to find ways to innovate and enhance the product. System uptime is outstanding, far exceeding their goals and our expectations. And when we need software support of any kind, at any time, their phone is always on.”

As the longtime market leader in gaming/hospitality revenue management, Rainmaker, in recent years, has had to correct the misconception that its leading-edge solutions are designed for large, complex casino-hotels only.
“Nothing could be further from the truth,” said Levine. “Truly, revenue management makes the most sense when you’re dealing with extreme constraints. And that’s something we will certainly have at our Immokalee property, given we’ll have only 99 rooms. The property’s demand will far exceed the supply, which will make GuestREV extremely valuable. Because of this, I think the partnership with Rainmaker is going to pay huge dividends because the pricing software will allow us to quickly and efficiently adjust our pricing strategies.”

“Second only to driving revenue and continuing to be a great partner to Seminole Gaming, our hope is that this competitive procurement will help reaffirm to those looking for a best-in-class revenue management solution that ours can be tailored to meet the needs of properties of all shapes and sizes,” said John Wallace, Rainmaker’s president, gaming/hospitality. “We’re confident GuestREV will bring value to Seminole Casino Hotel, Immokalee, consistent with what the properties in Tampa and Hollywood have experienced the last four years.

One of Seminole Gaming’s key performance metrics is something it calls ProfitPAR (profits per available room), which is the profitability of each hotel room divided by the hotel’s capacity. “One of our measurable goals is for ProfitPAR to exceed gaming growth on our gaming floor,” Levine explained. “If, for example, the gaming floor grew by 10 percent, my expectation is that the ProfitPAR figure should also grow by some number greater than 10 percent. And that’s what’s happening at our Tampa and Hollywood properties where we continue to have more than double-digit growth relative to what the gaming floor is doing.”

The latest figures from the two properties are off the charts. In fiscal 2014, ProfitPAR grew 35 percent year over year, far outpacing the action on the gaming floor. “We’re able to achieve this level of growth because of the confidence we have in the Rainmaker platform," said Levine.

While other companies have have made similar claims, Rainmaker’s GuestREV system continues to be one of the only revenue management systems in the industry to factor in total guest value when determining the optimal mix of business. 

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