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HFTP chooses VENZA’s Matterhorn™ Program

  • 04.29.19
VENZA could not be prouder to announce its new relationship as a vendor for HFTP providing our Matterhorn program as well as our HR Suite of training.  

HFTP will be using VENZA’s InfoSec Awareness Program (PCI/PII/GDPR) training their “human firewall” to protect against data breaches. In addition, HFTP will also be taking advantage of a suite of courses specific to HR needs within the hospitality industry including sexual harassment prevention, diversity/guest relations, anti-bribery, code of conduct and acceptable use. 
While HFTP serves an international membership in several offices across the globe from its headquarters in Austin, Texas, VENZA will be specifically tasked with serving the US and International corporate staff, student members totaling 550 students in 10 student chapters, 10 Universities (including the University of Central Florida, Cornell University and  and all non-student chapter affiliated members as well. With 67 years-worth of member information to protect, any and all organizations, non-profit or for-profit, must do what they can to be good stewards of personal data; with the changing views of data privacy, advances in technology and the dangers of data misuse, HFTP is working to keep pace. It has been a leader by starting groups like the Hospitality Data Protection Officer (HDPO) & GDPR Task Force. HFTP led the way by organizing 23 hospitality industry experts (of which Daniel Johnson, partner/co-founder of VENZA is an appointed member) and tasking them with developing hospitality-specific guidelines to assist with GDPR compliance.  The importance of data privacy has been common ground between VENZA and HFTP. The two organizations are challenging the hospitality industry to make operational changes to conform with data privacy regulation compliance. “The hospitality industry accounts for over 10 percent of the total data breaches in the last year and beyond our current security posture we will be using VENZA’s training program to reinforce our staff’s knowledge of data privacy,” said Thomas Atzenhofer, CFO with HFTP.
“VENZA is excited to start this new chapter of our long-standing relationship with HFTP”, said Josh Bergen, president of VENZA. “We look keeping their members and staff updated with the latest strategies in privacy regulation compliance as well as human resources training,” said Bergen. VENZA doesn’t see this as a move to becoming just another vendor for HFTP but a way to further reinforce an already great relationship with this trusted organization.

(Pictured L-R Thomas Atzenhofer, CFO of HFTP; Josh Bergen, president at VENZA; Bryan Wood, staff VP of meetings & events HFTP; Fritz Johnson, senior manager of registration & data protection HFTP)

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