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Historic “Big Easy” Hotel, The Mercantile, Invites Guest To Interact With Angie

  • Angie Hospitality
  • 04.04.19
New Orleans - April 4, 2019 - Angie Hospitality, developer of the industry's first 24-hour interactive guest room assistant purpose-built for the hotel environment, invites you to come and interact with their virtual assistant at The Mercantile Hotel New Orleans.

The historic property, located within walking distance of both the city's famed French Quarter and the HT-NEXT event,
partners with Angie Hospitality to equip its lobby and all 90 luxury guest suites with Angie's patented voice control
and touch screen device. Stop in the Mercantile lobby anytime on April 8-11 to interact with an Angie device in a live
site and learn more about Angie's latest innovations.

The implementation of Angie's powerful platform automates guest requests, while providing voice and touch screen room
control, hands-free telephony, secure Wi-Fi and more. The solution also offers a host of benefits to Mercantile guests,
including instant access to property information and available amenities. Leveraging an integration with Quore, a leading
provider of workforce communication and management technologies, Angie allows Mercantile guests to easily make
requests for a variety of hotel services, such as housekeeping items and maintenance requests.

 "Angie not only serves as a 24-hour extension of our staff, but also automates many manual tasks, freeing time to focus
on our most valuable guest interactions," said Valarie Coston, General Manager, at The Mercantile Hotel New Orleans.
"For such a robust and advanced technology upgrade, we were also pleasantly surprised by Angie's simple 'plug and play'
installation, allowing us to immediately enhance our guest services, improve response times and maximize efficiency. In
addition, the Angie platform gives us the ability to roll out new features and functionality remotely, as needed and as
budget allows. This makes our upgrade path easier and more affordable as guest room technology evolves."

 Based on a patented enterprise-class, cloud-managed platform with secure, scalable and highly-available architecture,
Angie self-configures for each property and room as soon as the device is plugged in. Advanced natural speech capabilities
give Angie the ability to recognize different accents, word combinations or colloquialisms that may be used to request
information or services, so guests can instantly and intuitively communicate without the need to learn specific voice
commands or phrases. To ensure privacy, Angie provides guests with the option to disable all voice functionality, if preferred,
 and control the device through its built-in touch screen interface.

 "As voice-enabled guest room technology is maturing and becoming a more common amenity in the hospitality market,
today's savvy hoteliers and their guests are seeking a platform that is more than a gimmick; one that provides true
value and can adapt to each guest and their individual preferences," states Ted Helvey, CEO of Angie Hospitality.
"We are honored to work with The Mercantile Hotel New Orleans to personalize the in-room technology experience
for their guests, mirroring the convenience and functionality that many already have at home, and we would be thrilled to
have visitors at this unique property and see Angie in action."

In addition to its powerful guest service capabilities, Angie's award-winning multi-functional device can also enable
room automation capabilities, replace guest room telephones, allowing guests to make calls effortlessly or connect
with the property's front desk. Other features include the ability for guests to play their own music or make hands-free
calls through Angie's built-in Bluetooth speakers, charge devices through its USB ports, set alarms and utilize its readily
available nightlight with a choice of color. Guests can also use the device to access local information, such as the
location and hours of nearby attractions, as well as traffic, weather and flight details. In addition, Angie offers the ability
to set up a secure, customizable in-room Wi-Fi network within each guest room, providing guests with a fast and reliable
online experience without the risk of unintentionally sharing sensitive data.

 For more information on Angie's full suite of capabilities, please visit angie.ai.

About Angie Hospitality | Angie Hospitality, founded by hospitality industry veterans, is the developer of the first 24-hour interactive guest room assistant purpose-built for the hotel environment. Angie's patented technology uses both voice control and touch screen capabilities to offer a complete solution for hoteliers looking to increase guest satisfaction, streamline operations, improve staff efficiencies and maximize revenue opportunities. The platform offers configurations to provide IP telephony, room automation features, energy management and more, through seamless integration with leading hotel technology system providers or as complete stand-alone system. Angie instantly upgrades any hotel room, allowing guests
to play their own music through its built-in Bluetooth speakers, make hands-free calls, access hotel amenities, charge
their mobile devices, and much more. Angie can even provide guests a customized and secure in-room Wi-Fi network.
Based on an enterprise-class, cloud-managed platform with secure, scalable and highly-available architecture
that is continuously monitored, Angie's systems self-configure for each property and room as soon as the device is plugged
n. For more information on Angie Hospitality, the 2017 HTNG TechOvation Award winner, please visit angie.ai and connect with us on FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn andYouTube.

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